An Exercise Collection – Work Your Lower Body – Part 1

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In the Martial Arts you need to have a strong foundation so you can maintain a stable stance. You also gain much of your stamina from your legs when sparring since they are usually the first to tire if not conditioned correctly. The following exercises will help increase your stamina and greatly improve your stability by giving you a solid foundation.

Back SquatBack Squat
Position feet slightly wider than shoulder width with toes pointed out. Place weight on heels, pick spot to look at on wall to ensure head stays up, back stays flat, and no bending at the waist. Inhale, unlock the hips, push the glute back keeping weight on the heels, descend until the thighs are parallel to floor, knees should not pass over toes. Exhale, extend knees and hips pushing the hips forward, until upright.
back squats with weight barBack Squat with Weight Bar
Taking a slightly wider than shoulder width grip on bar, position bar at base of neck across the traps, step back from rack. With weight on shoulders perform the squat as described above.
Front SquatFront Squat
Same technique as the back squat except hold the bar in a clean catch or across the front delts, once you reach parallel depth drive elbows up out of the hole.
Single Leg SquatsSingle leg squat
There are a few ways to perform a single leg squat. The one pictured assists in keeping your balance. Alternately you can support yourself using a stick or table and bring your left foot up and place across your opposite knee. Your knee will be bent at 90 degrees. Squat down until your knee is almost parallel to the ground, stand up and repeat 10 times. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Remember while performing this exercise to keep head and chest up, place your weight on your heel, and push glute back when descend. To add resistance hold weight in hands.
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