How Good Are You?

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Can you beat this score?

Penguin Hit High Score!

Play Yeti Sports Pinguin Hit to see if you can beat this score! If you post your high score in the comments and we have enough response (i.e.: tell your friends) then we will award a prize to the highest score provided they can backup the claim! What do you have to lose? Once you start you won’t believe how much fun it really is to hit those darn Penguins!! Batter up!

… don’t forget to read the fine print…

Commenter’s must provide a legitimate email address to receive a prize. All prize winners must provide proof of their claimed score. All prize winners waive any royalties or rights to the use of their amazing feat, name, likeness, competition story, or person in the event that their actions and high score result in book deals, movie rights or Broadway shows. will most likely share a maximum 10% of the profits from any resulting book deals, movie rights or Broadway shows at the discretion of management. Have fun and play often!

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