The Champion Paradox

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This video clip is from a 2002 interview with Sir Roger Bannister, Doctor and Record setting marathon runner. Sir Roger Bannister was an amazing average guy athlete, he competed because he loved to run. I am posting this interview clip because the meat of what he is saying is rather motivational.


Here is a man who has witnessed and assisted in a transformation of the athletic arena over the past century. Above all though he still holds that in any sporting competition “What you think may happen doesn’t happen”. Ultimately a champion is beaten and a known or an unknown becomes the new champion. This is the Champion’s Paradox.This theme of competition is central to all sports including the Martial Arts. In the Martial Arts you are often competing against yourself to reach new heights or perfect new techniques. In the Martial Arts you are trying to best others not only with your technique but by finding flaws in their techniques. This is unique physical conflict sports like the Martial Arts and adds an additional mental component not as evident in other sports. Thus in order to truly perfect the Martial Arts and become a champion you must perfect the body, mind and spirit to triumph over both the external and internal struggles necessary for success.

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