An Amazing Fitness Tool

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I just discovered an web tool for anyone remotely interested in better understanding their diet! The web site is Calorie Connect (dot com) and it is by far the simplest and most useful site like it that I have come across and best of all IT IS FREE! In just under 5 minutes I was able to create an account, log in all of my meals and activities for the day. Then I could immediately see not only my calorie intake/burn but the break down of the calories I consumed. Once I record a food it stays in my recent food list so adding it for another day just got even easier. If you are like me your diet from day to day doesn’t vary that much (or perhaps I’m just dull!) Here are two examples of the type of at a glance information you get (I created some random food selections and exercise for these charts):

Nutrition Fast FactsQuick View Diet Exercise Comparisons

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