Self Doubt

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Meditation Point #118

The more intelligent and cultured a man is, the more subtly he can humbug himself.

– – Carl Gustav Jung


We all doubt ourselves and to some extent put ourselves down, it is part of human nature. Occasionally we will meet someone who is so full of themselves that they are delusional, this isn’t about them. What this is about is perception, because often we think those that are more intelligent then us, or richer then us do not have the same problems or inner turmoil that we wrestle with. This is most definitely untrue. While there are those who can put on a good show or ignore for a time their self doubts or self criticism we all face these demons sooner or later. We start at a very young age coping with perceived failures (real or imaginary) and these grow with us into adulthood. It is sad really. Imagine what we could accomplish if we worried less about our failings and insecurities. Perhaps the delusional people are on to something?!

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