Depend Upon It…

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Meditation Point #124

Spring has come.
A thousand flowers are in bloom?
for what?
for whom?

– – A ZEN Saying

What a great question upon which to reflect. Many would say for nothing. Would a Zen Master? More importantly, would you? Spring is a glorious time of year, I always wondered why we don’t set our new year resolutions now when there is an air for new beginnings and fresh possibilities. But I digress. Do the flowers bloom for the glory of the hummingbird? If there is such a thing as evolution why would a plant or animal evolve to make itself dependent on another species? Why would the flowers not all learn to self pollinate? Why worry about the Bees and Butterflies? I’ve never heard that questions answered with any satisfaction. Or is it just possible that it makes more sense that things are this way to serve as lessons? Is it possible we are supposed to realize that like so many codependents in nature we are not meant to rely solely upon ourselves? Are we supposed to look closely at nature as an example of our need to depend on things outside our control? Are we supposed to learn to have faith, not worry, that the flowers will come again next Spring? What would a Zen master say? More importantly, what do you say?

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