Gaining Perspective

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This video may be a little sappy for some people but it makes a great point about perspective and compassion.


More info on video clip available here.

We could all learn a little more about ourselves and others by simply taking the time to be more observant to those around us. It is amazing how a simple smile or common courtesy can change a persons day. Too often we forget the good times and focus on the bad, some become consumed by the bad moments, a moment of kindness could break that cycle for them. As we train we need to consider the perspective of our fellow students, people we meet and even our enemies. The more we master (equals defeat) our egos the more second nature this state of being becomes.

But the guy with the cookie, him I’d give a quick hit to the kidney, collapse his knee and then say excuse me…but that’s just me! πŸ˜‰ I say that because, sometimes even people down and out need to be reminded to offer common courtesy and use decent manners.

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