Where are all the children?

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Today I had to visit the DMV.  For those of you not in America, that stands for Department of Motor Vehicles, or as I like to call it Department of the Mentally Vacant.  But I digress, while I was standing in line I spent about 20 minutes next to the free brochure rack.  This rack contains all of the useful tips and information that every bureaucrat thinks you need.  As I looked over the selection I realized something.  There were three tri-fold glossy brochures dealing with pets, how to make your driving vacation comfortable for your pet, the dangers of leaving a pet in the car during periods of heat, and, pet auto safety.  There were zero brochures on child safety. This gave me pause but it wasn’t until a little earlier when I was driving on the highway and I saw a bumper sticker that I felt compelled to blog about this.  A car had to bumper stickers that read “choose life, adopt a pet”.  It all crystallized at that moment.  Where are all the children?

Today if you suggest a woman should “choose life” you are vilified. You regularly hear about pet-issues.  People take their pets to daycare centers and spas, their kids are left to wander the streets.  We hear about animal rights and humane treatment but little about nurturing our children.  I recently found out that there have been 48,000,000 legal abortions just in America since 1973.  Yet there are animal shelters in almost every major town, for fear the animals will be put to death.  Where is the humanity in that?  I bet most people reading know where there is an animal shelter, but do you know where there is an orphanage?  Perhaps that is because unlike our animals we deal with our orphan problem differently.

I know there are still children, I know school populations have risen, so what.  The point is, where are the children in our thoughts and our media and our actions?  Count the bumper stickers and brochures you see and then answer that question.  Perhaps then we will begin to understand the problems we face with our youth, why we face 25% high school graduation rates in Detroit and Baltimore, a 35% graduation rate in New York.  Those are typical graduation rates nationally in case you are wondering.  How can our children succeed or care about themselves if we put them on a back burner, if we value them less then we value our pets?  The message is clear, “choose life and adopt a pet”, and our children are listening all to well.  Think about that the next time you are wondering how we are failing our children and why they have such little self-worth.

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