Why can we never be wrong?

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As most of you know I am huge critic of law enforcement because of my behind the scenes knowledge.  While there are ample cases of abuse of power or lack of training on the part of the Police.  The following story on CNN has none of these attributes: The ‘unfathomable’ arrest of a black scholar. The following are just a few of my comments regarding the journalistic neglegence that in my opinion was employed in the writing of this “news” article.

“When I’m opening the door of my own house, someone will ask me where the man of the house is, implying that I’m staff,” said Kodjoe, best known for starring in Showtime’s “Soul Food.” When the UPS man or woman comes to my home they ask me the same question…I wonder if they think I am an African American?!  It is also interesting to me that the AM community cling to and promote terms like “Soul Food” while they scream racial profiling to anyone who notices they are African Americans or acting in an inappropriate way.  Remember the Police are supposed to investigate suspicious activity.  Perhaps to avoid this problem in the future Mr Gates could post a prominent sign stating that an ‘African American lives here’ then if the Police see an African American climbing in a window or breaking down the door they can just assume it is the owner.

My other favorite quote was:  “She said there’s a reason why you don’t hear about prominent white people arrested in their homes: “because it doesn’t happen.”” Really?  Or is it because hearing of a White person getting arrested for disorderly conduct isn’t news any more than it should be when an African American gets arrested for disorderly conduct.

But the most inflammatory statement in the article that really nails the white conspiracy theory to the wall is this quote: “a police officer responded to a call about a potential break-in at his home that was phoned in by a white woman.”.  They needed to state this to demonstrate that all white people think all blacks, (sorry) African Americans are criminals and of course all white women are frightened by African American men!

The article devolves from there with much anguish to the point of tears at the arrest of a member of society so upstanding he obviously thinks he stands above the rest of us.

That leads me to the title of this peice.  Why can we never be wrong?  We can never improve ourselves if we always feel we are in the right.  Perhaps Mr. Gates should add that to his pending Documentary.

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