One Last Kiss?

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What if today was it?
Would I be content?
Would I have sorrow and regret in my heart?
Or would I feel content and happy?
Have I done my best?
Could I have done more?
What was our last kiss like?

Yes, my life revolves around your kiss.
Your kisses can make me soar to new heights
I feel your love and passion in your kiss
I feel your disappointment and disdain too
It isn’t a one sided thing, no, no.
Sometimes we forget that this could be the last kiss.
Sometimes we let petty things bind our lips.
Too often we just take them for granted.
Light my soul and send me on my way
Prepare me for a new day and help me soar away
Give me a memory I can never forget
Because this could be our one last kiss…

— Sensei Mitch S.

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