I’m so Blue.

Charles and Rebecca Posted in A day in the life of Charlie, Guest Posts, Karate, KT

Well not really me but my belt is - Blue that is! I have finally attended Karate class enough that I felt I was ready to take my next belt test. Now for some this may not seem like a big achievement but the fact is my wife and daughter earned their belts MONTHS ago and I have been feeling a bit "left behind" for lack of a better phrase.

I was unsure if I was going to make it to class due to a really bad headache (borderline migraine) but with the help of several liquid gels and lots of water I overcame the pain and went to class.

I was informed by my Sensei that he didn't go easy on my scoring so I was very pleased when he informed me that I passed!

The girls are almost ready for their next test (purple) so I have some catching up to do, or better yet another goal to reach.

Here is a link to a past post on our Karate Club Website on the meaning of the the blue belt.