Can You Say Merry Christmas?

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This post is a bit stream of consciousness and a bit reflection.  I was out Christmas shopping today, people were pleasant enough but not once did anyone say Merry Christmas, not once did anyone say Happy Holiday’s, it was kind of sad.  It didn’t make me sad, it just seemed sad.  Have we become so disconnected or are we so afraid of offending someone?  I wished everyone a Merry Christmas that I spoke with today and the majority reacted surprised but happy.  The only note of Christmas Spirit I have seen so far has been in two Salvation Army red bucket collectors.  One was so filled with the Spirit of Christmas that he still has me smiling more than a day later.  Why?  He was standing in the cold, singing Christmas/Religious songs, opening the door for people and wishing them a good day.  He had such an impact I almost wonder if he was an Angel to be able to impart such goodwill in such a casual way.  I hope everyone gets to experience that this season, but it will never happen if we don’t share a little cheer with each other.  Then while reflecting on these happenings I saw this video (see below) which has nothing to do with Christmas, it is actually an advertisement, it does give pause to the idea that even the smallest gesture can have an enormous impact.


Remember that Merry Christmas is not reserved for the day or so around Dec. 25th, it the greeting we use during this season to say hello and goodbye, to help us remember the reason for the season and to spread good cheer.

May the Blessing of this season be upon you, Merry Christmas.

Pride Lasts Foundation Annual Appeal

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Right now is the time to change a child’s life! Because of you, the Pride Lasts program is a success, now it is time to grow! Renew or subscribe today to a magazine and help us bring Pride back to our youth. With your help we can change the future! For each magazine you renew or subscribe up to 40% goes to the Pride Lasts Foundation. Right now our goal is set at $500.00 which will allow us to double the size of this years program!! Our goal is to double in size each year until we are a active Nationally! Please help us attain this goal.  To learn more about us please sign up for our newsletter.

Isn’t it time you made a difference in someone’s life? Take a moment to help us make a positive impact on the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow while making a purchase you will make anyway. Thank You. is the proud sponsor of the Pride Lasts Foundation and are happy to donate 10% of all profits and technical support.

Karate Spirit, Giving Spirit

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As reported about in this story a group of Martial Arts students from Huard’s Ju-Jitsu & Karate dropped by the Bangor Mall (Maine, USA) armed with more than $10,000. They donated the funds to the Children’s Miricle Network. I stand with honor next to these future Martial Arts leaders.