ALERT: Chinese Espionage Test

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China wants you!  Or at least your sensitive computer data…  This is a story of potential identity theft on a grand scale.  While the details seem small in scale most scouting missions are small and seem insignificant.  Bearing that in mind here’s what has me fired up…

Once again the Chinese government has been caught “Red” handed testing its espionage capabilities and Western detection capabilities.  The recent incident involves a pair of Trojan horse (malicious unauthorized programs) on new Maxtor Hard Drives before they left the factory.  The function of these Trojans was to steal passwords and then “phone home” to a pair of websites hosted in Beijing reporting all data recorded on theses Trojaned drives.  The Trojaned drives are Seagate Technology, Maxtor Basics 3200, 500GB drives.   Approximately 1800 of the Trojaned drives were shipped from the factory with 300 being sold before the problem was detected.

The Taiwanese government’s security service detected the problem and issued a warning this weekend.  Their investigation uncovered the link to China and suspects Chinese authorities are responsible for planting the Trojan software on the drives in the factory.  Seagate Technologies attempted to distance itself from the allegations again China stating it had no proof of Chinese government involvement.  Internet logs (records) show that the information was sent to 2 Chinese sites registered with one of China’s largest domain registrars using what appears to be bogus information.

This latest story seems to demonstrate a dangerous trend in Chinese activity that one has to be blind (or corrupt) to not see.  From hacking the Pentagon and German Government Offices to showing off their military advances the Chinese government is increasingly flexing its muscles and testing its abilities.  When you couple these types of events with the massive military buildup in China over the past decade few historians disagree about the potential future threat to world peace.  Of course there is no public outcry, no Congressional or Presidential complaint or investigation.  Instead we will increase the worker visa program and continue to pump billions a year from our economy to theirs.

Military Sexual Trauma Center for Female Vets

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In Bernards Township, NJ the Veterans Administration is opening a treatment center to help female veterans who have been sexually assaulted. This facility is the first of it’s kind and has drawn praise and outrage alike. Reportedly driven by a dramatic increase in the number of assault and harassment cases involving female soldiers the new center will provide treatment to those suffering from a condition known as military sexual trauma. An ongoing VA screening process finds that 20% of female soldiers leaving the military report encountering a form of sexual trauma during their service.

So what is Military Sexual Trauma (MST)? It is defined as physical assault of a sexual nature or sexual harassment of a threatening character committed by one’s colleagues during military training or service.

susan_j_mccutcheon.jpgSusan J. McCutcheon, Ed.D., R.N., Program Manager for Special Projects in the Office of Mental Health Services at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) heads up the administration’s military sexual trauma programs. She feels the new site will especially benefit those women suffering trauma during war overseas. The center, opening in December, will be the first residential VA center that focuses on the increasingly prevalent condition.  While the program is directed only towards female victims of MST, Dr. McCutcheon notes, that it is important to screen all veterans. She suggests that using Statements like ‘Violence is common in our society, so I ask all my patients about this’ can help normalize screening results.

No information or statistics were given regarding the percentage of male soldiers leaving the military that report encountering a form of sexual trauma during their service.  This is only interesting because information began to surface in 2001that the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs quietly began collecting nationwide data on the extent to which men have been sexually traumatized in the armed forces.  This made a brief splash in the popular media in 2003. No information was available at this time relating to reporting statistics for active duty personnel.

The need for a facility like this seems clear, however, the gender bias brings into question the motive.  It would appear that since rape, sexual trauma and sexual harassment are not exclusively male-female crimes this facilities focus is politically motivated.  Politically motivated in that funding would be more easily obtained for this subset of the greater real problem.  Where does that leave the victims of male-male MST or female-male MST victims (it does happen)?  Well they for the moment seem to be relegated to the same place as the problem, ignored and denied aid.

So…What do you think?  Post a comment and join in the discussion.

Give 1 Get 1 Laptop Program

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If anyone is interested, there is a program called One Laptop Per Child which you might find interesting.

Starting November 12, One Laptop Per Child will be offering a Give 1 Get 1 Program for a brief window of time in North America. For $399, you will be purchasing two XO laptops—one that will be sent to empower a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to your child at home.

You can read more about this program at It seems like a really amazing learning tool for children. If you participate in the Give 1 Get 1 program, $200 of your purchase is tax deductible.

Just thought I’d let you guys know about this. It is a great cause, plus it is a very inexpensive laptop for your kids.

Equality in Domestic Violence

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This article was reprinted here with permission from the Author.

Domestic Violence: A Danger To Men And Women Alike

By: Anna Blaise

Originally Posted: 10/31/07

The term “domestic violence” is generally linked with violence against women in today’s society. But what isn’t usually thought of is the fact that men are victims of violence in relationships as well.

A recent study by Daniel J. Whitaker, Ph.D., Tadesse Haileyesus, M.S., Monica Swahn, Ph.D. and Linda S. Saltzman, Ph.D. of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, showed that men and women can be violent in a relationship and that injury occurred more often than not when the violence was reciprocal.

“We were interested in understanding the phenomenon of violence in relationships,” Whitaker said. “A lot of other studies noted that a lot of partner violence is reciprocal and this is the first [study] that looked at whether or not violence was worse when it was reciprocal.”

Silence is no defense against violenceDr. Whitaker and his colleagues took 11,370 respondents from the samples of the 2001 National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to survey. Out of these respondents, 24 percent of all the relationships had violence in them and 12 percent of those violence were from both men and women. The study also showed that when the violence was reciprocal 28.3 percent of the time injury occurred.

“In our study, our findings showed that the more violence was reciprocated, the more injury occurred,” Whitaker said of the study’s findings. ” Another important factor was the fact that women and men alike started these violence and led to an escalation of violence which in turn led to injury.”

Whitaker said this finding is important to note because reciprocal violence was more dangerous for the victim, both men and women alike, than nonreciprocal violence in a relationship. Therefore, when violence occur because a woman initiates it, it’s as dangerous as when men initiate it because that violence can escalate more and become more serious. Two-thirds of the time, the victim is a woman.

The study also found that men in relationships with reciprocal violence were reportedly injured 25.2 percent of the time, whereas women in relationships with nonreciprocal violence were reportedly injured 20 percent of the time. Also, among the relationships with nonreciprocal violence, women were reported to be the perpetrator 70.7% of the time.

Whitaker said these conflicts that involve violence happen because some people in relationships do not have any communications strategies.

“[These violence] happen because of conflicts that escalate out of control,” he said in the report. “If people can learn relationship and communication strategies, it would decrease a great amount.”

The president and attorney of the National Coalition of Free Men, Los Angeles chapter, Marc E. Angelucci, said he is not surprised at all by the findings. Angelucci, who started the chapter, said he is angry that the media does not cover the fact that men are as much victims in violence of relationships as women are.

“[The study] does not surprise me at all because as far back as 1975 the National Family of Violence industry, which is feminist leaning, has not yet publicized the male victims and has only cited the figures for female victims. That has gone on decades and there is a long history to this, documented by Professor Linda Kelly of Indiana State University School of Law. Today, almost 200 similar studies have already been done and confirmed the same [findings as Dr. Whitaker’s study] more or less.”

He added, “When you look at the social science instead of just the crime data, you find the only serious differences between the sexes with regard to domestic abuse is that men are much less likely to report it and that women suffer more physical injury on average.

“But men sustain about one-third of the injuries and children are psychologically damaged by witnessing it regardless of injuries. So the difference in injuries should not be an excuse to ignore any victims or downplay female violence at all as some try to do,” Whitaker said.

Hot Digg-itty

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The Digg Effect has me saying Hot-Digg-itty:)

The Digg Effect

Digg is a great resource for finding what is sometimes hard to find news. Basically the good news gets rated UP and stays on top so it is easier to find. Of course like any good thing it can be a little addictive! I am increasingly intrigued with some of the stories I find on Digg. A recent story covered UFO reports by astronauts, very interesting to all us conspiracy theorists! Or even more interesting was an article by a Quantum Physicist discussing what is termed the GOD-Effect and the possible events of the year 2012. Those are just two. Of course this means I haven’t been spending as much time on developing this site so I need to cut back! But don’t take my word for it, click on one of the ‘digg it’ links on this page and start your digg experience today!

One Less Insurgent

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This is not for the liberal at heart… but it should be work safe…

Live?! from Iraq…

This seemed appropriate given today’s date. May the Surge continue to work so our soldiers can come home soon.

Cracking down on ID Theft

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Federal Agents conducted the second raid this year on Wednesday, August 22, at Smithfield Foods’ pork slaughterhouse in Bladen, NC. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson, Richard Rocha, reported that Twenty-eight people stand accused of entering the country illegally and committing identity theft. Twenty-five were from Mexico, two were from Guatemala and one from Honduras. Rocha said that the arrests were the result of an investigation and that the suspects were targeted, not part of a random sweep of illegal immigrants.

We need to see more of these stories if the government is really going to have an impact on Identity Theft in this country. It is a well known fact in the intelligence community that most identity theft goes to support illegal immigrants and labor. While illegal immigration is a politically charged topic for some people “we the people” must be realistic about the problem. Many feel illegal immigration is o.k. because they are doing the work “we don’t want to do”. Of course this is ridiculous because there isn’t any job I wouldn’t do to support my family. The real problem is these supporters are hypocrites because they are really supporting people being paid less then a minimum wage meaning these illegals either have to work inhuman hours or they need to turn to crime to survive. Enter Identity theft, this allows these illegals to fleece our bank accounts, our credit, and our government benefit system. The Federal Government needs to do more then a few raids that net a few criminals. We the People need to support Legal immigration into this country by people who want to be part of this country. The work will get done legally if employers don’t have access to cheap illegal labor.


Martial Arts Magic!

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The Death Ray has been mastered…This Martial Arts “Master” is touting some pretty amazing skills, the ability to take down an opponent without ever touching them! Watch this video of an investigative reporter looking into his claim. It is so hard to believe that so many people can “fall” for this type of thing.

My guess is that he uses a form of hypnosis on his receptive students to condition them to react this way to his stimulus. To bad the reporter didn’t think of that…perhaps her hit to the head knocked the idea out! Amazing to watch the excuses when things go wrong! I think I want to see his knife wounds as well now.

Tragic Bridge Collapse

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I think everyone has heard about this story by now, if not you can read all about it on I don’t usually like to speak up on these issues but can’t remain silent on this one.

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

This is a sad accident but it happens every 10 years or so. There will be memorials and investigations, someone will probably go to jail. None of that of course will heal the hurt of those left to mourn their loved ones. None of that will bring back those who have died.
The sad truth is we have known about this problem for over 20 years. Every year the Civil Engineers Association goes to Washington and gives a report on the under funding of our infrastructure. Every year they are ignored. This sad event will get their attention for a few weeks but until this becomes to norm (God forbid!) we won’t see major improvements to our infrastructure.
I remember watching the Civil Engineer Assoc about 10 years ago on CSPAN and they predicted this type of event, along with congested roads, flight delays, power outages, etc. Everything they predicted 10 years ago has come to reality. But infrastructure isn’t a sexy political topic.
I’ll leave you with three questions… Was this stretch of highway one of the US highways that have been sold to foreign interests? And, if this bridge was in a war zone how long would it take the Army Corp of Engineers to have temporary bridge in its place? How long will the residence of Minneapolis have to wait before they are crossing the river again?
Again my condolences to the families. I can only hope that we will hold our elected officials responsible for this event and not let them quiet us by throwing more money at us.

Dangerous Stalker

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A few days ago a man was arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport carrying a knife, stun gun, a baton and Mace. The man was 42 year old Timothy J. Pentaleri of Belleville, Illinois. The police went on to say that he was also wearing a disguise consisting of a heavy brown coat, a wig and a fake mustache and beard. The heavy coat drew the suspicion of the police and upon approaching him realized something wasn’t quiet right. When the officers frisked him they discovered the weapons which led to his immediate arrest. Later the police located and searched his vehicle and found a shovel, handcuffs, duct tape, and other items, including a handwritten note saying he would stun the woman and “club her hard,” according to the police report. Police also found a duffel bag containing condoms, a pillowcase cut into strips and other items. It was discovered that was plotting to kidnap his former girlfriend when she got off a flight.
There is no need to speculate how this would have turned out if the police had not noticed this deranged man. The question as to how this would have turned out is only a question of how prepared his ex-girlfriend is for this type of situation. Given his preparation it is doubtful he expected a lot of resistance. But to carry out his plan he would have had to get close enough to her to use the close range weapons he was carrying (with the exception of the Mace). This is an excellent example of the type of situation where awareness is our best self-defense weapon. Luckily we will not find out if his ex-girlfriend would have reacted in a way to save herself. Regardless, we hope she takes steps in the future to be ready to protect herself. Be aware, be safe.