Watch Your Mouth!

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What did you say?

I always teach my students that “Sticks and Stones will Break my Bones but Names will Never Hurt Me”. I don’t put much stock in words unless they are coming from someone who’s opinion I truly care about. But then I saw the above comic and I thought, perhaps there are some words, in certain situations that we need to be careful not to use! …Especially since we cannot control how others will react and many consider words more dangerous then sticks or stones!

Stand Strong and Fight Back

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We humans are a meek bunch. It seems pretty common for us to cower and submit when faced with a conflict. I run into this mentality very often when teaching new students in self-defense classes. Having never been in a physical conflict most people are squeamish at the idea. More over many people feel they can reason with an aggressor to diffuse the situation. I always explain to people that how they react is their choice and if they choose to submit that to is a decision. Likewise if they choose to reason with their aggressor it is their choice but I always point out they lose the advantage. While I do not agree with these decisions I respect them.

Big versus Small

What is interesting is the contrast to this mentality in the animal kingdom. As captured in this picture in the animal kingdom you stand strong and fight back. If you don’t you’re usually lunch. Animals

have a keen sense of self-preservation. We can learn a lot from animals, especially the lesser aggressive or predatory animals. These animals rarely pick a fight and if they see one coming will attempt to avoid it. Yet if they are protecting something important, their young or food, they will put up a fight. Cats and Dogs are good examples for the discussion. Dogs typically have the size and

lethal weapon advantage over cats, yet when push come to shove the cat will fight back. They won’t submit in the hopes that the dog will rough them up and move along. No the two options they see is avoid the situation or fight back. The cat certainly won’t expect another animal to come to their aid.


Today to many groups advocate relying on a restraining order and the police for protection (usually specific to domestic situations). While I always advocate following through on legal recourse you must always be prepared. Yes I have heard and witnessed the psychological trauma which can physically cripple a person. However, ultimately we have to decide if we allow this person to continue to have control over us? That is the root question as hard and complicated as it can be. The first step to taking control is being in control. Notice I didn’t say “feeling” in control. You need to be in control of yourself first. Like the cat often the best way to stay in control is to take it on immediately before the aggressor has the advantage of size, equipment AND the environment.

Remember this is food for thought, not a condemnation of any decision, certainly not advice for any specific situation! But think about it because we are formidable opponents when we believe we have the right to go about our lives with being harrassed or abused…and remember the cat…


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Animals have a natural sense of their right to defend themselves; so why don’t humans?

Defending Yourself

Here we see a Horse standing up for itself and chasing away a possible threat. Because it can. Unfortunately us people don’t seem to have the inborn ability to defend ourselves, we need to learn it. What amazes me is how many people have never taken a self-defense class or course in the martial arts. While I understand the Martial Arts are not for everyone, I do not understand the reason not to take a self-defense class. What is the worst that could happen? You might just learn something that will save your life one day. So take a lesson from the Horse, sig up for a self-defense class today. If you aren’t sure where to find a school, check out our Dojo directory for a school or class near you.

iTaser: Shockingly Good Sound Quality

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Finally a Consumer Product that keeps you safe and happy at the same time! Turns out that Music is not only good for the soul but it makes good protection too! Well this product may not protect you with music but you can listen to your favorite tracks while you are Tasing an attacker. It will almost make the experience like going to the movies! Perhaps “Danger Zone” would make a good track?

Red Taser C2All joking aside this is a great idea and a great product. While it is NOT called the iTaser this is a name that seems to be becoming a popular unofficial nickname for the device. The device is actually called the Taser® C2 and you need the combination Taser® C2 Holster to complete the self-defense, 1GB MP3 playing electronic control device. Taser International Inc, which makes stun guns, unveiled a natty range of MP3-playing holsters that can hold up to one gigabyte worth of songs and comes with iPod-style headphones. Both the holders and the 50,000 volt electric charge-delivering guns come in stylish designs such as leopard print, “Fashion Pink” and “Hot Red“. With a price tag of just over $400.00 this device is a real attention getter.

Self-Defense is a Posture

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Once again I find myself reading a story about the subtle aggressions of China towards the America. As reported here China has penetrated key U.S. databases. This was reported by the highly reputable SANS Institute. They detail an aggressive, non-stop campaign by China to penetrate key government and industry databases in the United States already has succeeded and the United States urgently needs to monitor all internet traffic to critical government and private-sector networks “to find the enemy within”. The SANS Institute’s director of research is quoted as saying that empirical evidence analyzed by researchers leaves little doubt that the Chinese government has mounted a non-stop, well-financed attack to breach key national security and industry databases, adding that it is likely that this effort is making use of personnel provided by China’s People’s Liberation Army. The “smoking guns” pointing to a government-directed effort are keystroke logs of the attacks, which have been devoid of errors usually found in amateur hack attacks, the use of spear phishing to gain entry into computer networks, and the massively repetitive nature of the assault, the SANS research director said. SANS earlier this week placed espionage from China and other nations near the top of its annual list of cybersecurity menaces, reporting that targeted spear phishing is the weapon of choice used in the assault on U.S. databases and those of its allies.

The question here is what are we doing in response to this shot across our bow? Largely nothing. Yes there are those that quickly say our government is to strong and insist that they are doing something we don’t know about. Rubbish. The days of America as a super power have ended because ‘we the people’ traded our desire for freedom in for selfish en devours. What does that mean!? Yes I read minds… It means that as the only successful Republic and truly free country in the history of the world we have a responsibility to defend that freedom. I do not advocate war any more then I advocate fighting. Experience and history teaches that war and fighting are often avoided if you have the spin to stand up early and call out those in the wrong. Our fate with China was sealed when MacArthur was stopped from invading and defeating communism during the Korean Conflict. All for personal fears of an insecure President afraid of another fictitious Presidential aspirations. Doing what is right is hard…always because it calls for personal sacrifice. I have been watching and warning people about the Chinese threat for over almost 20 years, I am use to being laughed at. It is my hope that I am the fool but increasingly current events prove me correct.

What happens when you wait to long to do the right thing and stand up for what it right? You have little ground to stand on. What happens when you sell all of your interests and production to your enemy? Yes, Enemy because by definition Communism can never be friend of a free Republic, something we seem to have forgotten. Sad really, so many good Americans have lost their lives to fight for freedom only to have later generations give it away. Perhaps we got tired of fighting, understandable but inexcusable. For my part All I can do is to raise awareness so that ‘we the people’ will raise our voices and demand a stronger posture when dealing with any type of aggression from our enemies.

Self-Defense is not a reaction it is a posture.  This is a lesson for Countries and Men.

Boxing versus Martial Artist

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It is one thing to talk about one style or art being better then another, it is an entirely different thing to prove it! I found this video showing two Aikido practitioners trying to see how their style would fair against a boxer. Now I do not believe either is a boxer but their style isn’t horrible. That being said pay close attention, while the Aikido practitioner has an advantage you can see several occasions when a boxer could have struck a winning blow. The Aikido practitioner’s advantage is evident in their targeting and blocking. This video demonstrates pretty well the strengths and weaknesses of both sides in this type of match. In a real fight situation it is hard say which would win but both would most likely leave the match bruised. To often Martial Artists discount non-eastern styles. They should not as this violates their very teaching, never underestimate your opponent or as I like to say never over estimate your own abilities! Both are a recipe for defeat. So watch the video and see what strengths and weaknesses you can see. But remember that these are friends fighting and you can see when they are pulling punches and being nice to each other, nothing wrong with that but be aware of it in your analysis. And kudos to the authors of the video! Post your comments and observations…

Serious Home Network Threat

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Flash attack could take over your home router. Security researchers have released code showing how a pair of widely used technologies could be misused to take control of a victim’s Web browsing experience. The code, published last week by two researchers, exploits features in two technologies: The Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol, which is used by many operating systems to make it easier for them to work with devices on a network; and Adobe Systems’ Flash multimedia software. By tricking a victim into viewing a malicious Flash file, an attacker could use UPnP to change the primary DNS (Domain Name System) server used by the router to find other computers on the Internet. This would give the attacker a virtually undetectable way to redirect the victim to fake Web sites. For example, a victim with a compromised router could be taken to the attacker’s Web server, even if he typed directly into the Web browser navigation bar. “The most malicious of all malicious things is to change the primary DNS server,” the researchers wrote. “That will effectively turn the router and the network it controls into a zombie which the attacker can take advantage of whenever they feel like it.” Because so many routers support UPnP, the researchers believe that “ninety nine percent of home routers are vulnerable to this attack.” In fact, many other types of UPnP devices, such as printers, digital entertainment systems and cameras are also potentially at risk, they added in a Frequently Asked Questions Web page explaining their research. The attack is particularly worrisome because it is cross-platform — any operating system that supports Flash is susceptible — and because it is based on features of UPnP and Flash, not bugs that could be easily fixed by Adobe or the router vendors. Source:

What this means is that if you are surfing the Internet and are being redirected to fake sites OR if the site looks correct but the URL appears odd you may want to check the Primary DNS setting on your router. This is a really sneaky attack that most people probably won’t detect. As usual be careful out there!!

An Appropriate Reaction

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This is old news but a great talking point so I am drawing some attention to it. In the video Burt Reynolds slaps a reporter…GASP, the horror! So why would Burt Reynolds do such a thing? Well, Burt Reynolds slapped the CBS reporter at premier of film “The Longest Yard” when the reporter admits he never saw the original. Sounds reasonable to me!

Burt Reynolds is a man’s man and has never worried about what people think but he also has never shown himself to be mean spirited, quite the opposite. In the video Burt is clearly smacking the “guy” upside the head for being an idiot. Now if it was a female reporter then perhaps Burt’s move would have been inappropriate but in a man’s world body contact like this is normal behavior. Guys give each other a hard time for being idiots and yes a smack in the head is appropriate sometimes.

What is really interesting is the way CBS chose to report the story. CBS uses language to mislead and inflame the situation for the public to try and maximize the news worthiness of this non-news item. Using language like CBS Producer to neuter the reporter and insinuate the report was a woman. Then they make the offense sound more violent stating Burt Reynolds “Hitting” a CBS Producer. Most people will only hear or remember the sound bite and then draw their own conclusions. In my opinion more people should slap reporters for bad reporting…strike that, for out right lying about events to make them more sensational. Way to go Burt!

Shut Up and Stand Up!

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A few weeks ago I commented on a blog of someone who is fighting against some government injustice.  As is typical in these things the person and their supporters seem more interested in gaining the support of others then actually succeeding in their plight.  Some how in this age of the Internet the mob has evolved to a new shallow dimension.  More then ever we live by proxy and more to the point by Poll.  We use the Internet to vent our frustrations which for most, the writing and even the reading gives some sense of accomplishment.  This of course is folly.  Venting and “raising awareness” does little to change anything yet we are drawn to it like moths to the flame.  We have been so fooled by this culture that people feel engaged in the political process when they call a talk radio show but they would never think of calling their Local, State or Federal government representative.  As I said I resently commented on this topic and so to illustrate my point further here are my thoughts on this topic…

I respect everyone here for standing up for what they believe in and trying to change the system.  I also respect that you understand that as tax payers these are your employees.  But that is where it ends.  As the employer you are inept.  I am not flaming you just pointing out an important fact.  Blogging and newspaper articles change nothing.  Government officials generally only care about these things just before an election.

What Government employees hate most is work, which as an employer you can easily give them.  One of you wrote that you requested documentation from one for the board member and they didn’t respond.  Shame on you.  See they are counting on you reacting the way you did, dismayed and publicly outraged but powerless.  You are powerless because you don’t know the rules and shame on you for that.  See Government employees have rules they must follow, you don’t.  They are accountable, you are not.  But they are only accountable and only have to follow the rules when someone makes them.  Remember these 3 letters FOI (Freedom of Information).  The rules vary slightly between states however the FOI can be used to bring government to its knees.  See there is typically a short window to respond to an FOI Request after which civil ($$) penalties can be assessed.  So hit them where it hurts.  And no you do not need to be an attorney to file an FOI request.  If you need help with the process call the Attorney Generals office and have them hold your hand, that is their JOB!

Hopefully someone listens to the above.  A good FOI Request would be all phone records including cell phones, detailed copies of all attorney billings, minutes from all meetings…basically anything you can think of and yes they have to provide it, excluding personal data (SSN,etc).  You can however get copies of certain personal records but they have to clean the data before giving it to you.  Here is the kicker, you may have to pay for copies so what you do is request all of the information then tell them you will come down and select what copies you want.  When you show up just take one copy, about $0.35 and next week repeat the request:-)  They will want to bend over backwards to make you happy.  The glory of it, it is completely legal and within the system.  Who know you might even find evidence of the misappropriations you were talking about!  Then they are looking at jail time!!

So do your homework and learn the system otherwise it will just ignore you until you wind yourself crying, like the helpless 3 year old you are.  Imagine their workload if even half of the concerned citizens out there filed an FOI request…or made an inquiry by phone.

Being involved doesn’t mean calling a radio talk show or posting to a blog, those things are honorable as they raise awareness but do nothing to change or improve the system.

Military Sexual Trauma Center for Female Vets

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In Bernards Township, NJ the Veterans Administration is opening a treatment center to help female veterans who have been sexually assaulted. This facility is the first of it’s kind and has drawn praise and outrage alike. Reportedly driven by a dramatic increase in the number of assault and harassment cases involving female soldiers the new center will provide treatment to those suffering from a condition known as military sexual trauma. An ongoing VA screening process finds that 20% of female soldiers leaving the military report encountering a form of sexual trauma during their service.

So what is Military Sexual Trauma (MST)? It is defined as physical assault of a sexual nature or sexual harassment of a threatening character committed by one’s colleagues during military training or service.

susan_j_mccutcheon.jpgSusan J. McCutcheon, Ed.D., R.N., Program Manager for Special Projects in the Office of Mental Health Services at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) heads up the administration’s military sexual trauma programs. She feels the new site will especially benefit those women suffering trauma during war overseas. The center, opening in December, will be the first residential VA center that focuses on the increasingly prevalent condition.  While the program is directed only towards female victims of MST, Dr. McCutcheon notes, that it is important to screen all veterans. She suggests that using Statements like ‘Violence is common in our society, so I ask all my patients about this’ can help normalize screening results.

No information or statistics were given regarding the percentage of male soldiers leaving the military that report encountering a form of sexual trauma during their service.  This is only interesting because information began to surface in 2001that the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs quietly began collecting nationwide data on the extent to which men have been sexually traumatized in the armed forces.  This made a brief splash in the popular media in 2003. No information was available at this time relating to reporting statistics for active duty personnel.

The need for a facility like this seems clear, however, the gender bias brings into question the motive.  It would appear that since rape, sexual trauma and sexual harassment are not exclusively male-female crimes this facilities focus is politically motivated.  Politically motivated in that funding would be more easily obtained for this subset of the greater real problem.  Where does that leave the victims of male-male MST or female-male MST victims (it does happen)?  Well they for the moment seem to be relegated to the same place as the problem, ignored and denied aid.

So…What do you think?  Post a comment and join in the discussion.