Rape Prosecution a closer look…

Sensei Post in Self-Defense

It is sad but a Rape happens to a Woman almost every other minute. That’s almost 720 new Rape victims a day, a very sad satistic. Since these crimes will continue to happen it is important to understand what is needed to prosecute the rapist after the crime. We say this because almost half of the rapists are arrested, which means almost half go free. The reason for this too often is that the police need evidence. In some cases the Rapists are smart enough to remove most of the evidence, some even have taken the bed sheets with them! Still there is hope because evidence may still exist. Unfortunately in an attempt to overcome the trauma of a rape many victims understandably shower themselves. Unfortunately showering can and does destroy crucial evidence that is necessary for a conviction. While it is an unpleasant topic it is important that women are aware what steps they should take following a rape to improve the chances the rapist will go to jail.
The first thing a woman should do is call for help, dial 911 (in the USA) or your local police, make them take you to the hospital so evicence can be collected properly. If you are sure what to do or aren’t comfortable calling the police call CrimeStoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME. Important steps you can take, Don’t shower, Save you clothes from the crime, Try to remember any small details about the rapist the police may find useful, seek professional help from a local Woman’s center or rape crisis center. And remember that it isn’t your fault no matter what the situation or circumstance.

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