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Happy 9th Birthday!!

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0 turns 9 years old today!!

Happy Birthday!!

It all started on May 9, 2005

Thank you to all our faithful readers, you keep us motivated!

Cyber Sparring

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Well it has been an interesting week… Last week a Russian hacker was able to find some vulnerable code on our site and insert some malware.  I am not proud of this fact but honesty is the best policy.  Regardless I spent a good portion of the past week trying to isolate and extract the hacker’s code from the site.  My efforts were intermittently though always temporary success.  I was reminded of my younger days sparring some of the older and more experienced students, just when I would find their weakness, a way around their defenses…they would correct their error and shut down my successful attack.  I wish my cyber struggle was as easy as they made it seem.  I wish I could get the hacker in the sparring ring for three minutes!  Well there are always lessons to learn and I will walk away from this experience a wiser man.

I had been planning on overhauling the site, cleaning out old functions and modernizing everything, well as they say there is no time like the present! (except when it is your busiest time of the year…)  I have preserved all of my content and learned a new appreciation for my backups.  Like training to stay sharp managing a cyber world requires diligence and practice.

Hope everyone likes the new look, feel and functionality of the site.  As always, drop me a note with your comments and suggestions.