Get in the Pool!

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Karate Swimming Lessons!
The first and last day at the Budo school of swimming!

A Sad Day…

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Pat Morita a.k.a. Mr. Miyagi

Actor Pat Morita, most famous for his role as “Mr Miyagi” in the Karate Kid movies has passed away. His wife, Evelyn, says Morita died Thanksgiving Day of natural causes at his home in Las Vegas. Morita first rose to fame with a role on “Happy Days” in the 1970s. He appeared in dozens of T-V shows and movies, including “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “The Center of the World.” But it was his role in the 1984 blockbuster, “The Karate Kid,” that would define his career and spawn three sequels. The son of migrant fruit pickers, Morita was born in northern California in 1932. He spent much of World War Two in a Japanese-American internment camp. Morita will be buried at Palm Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery in Nevada. He is survived by his wife and three daughters from a previous marriage.

This is a sad day for the Martial Arts world. Despite the fact that Pat Morita was never involved in the martial arts he did much to promote the prominence it enjoys today. In the first Karate Kid, Pat Morita captured the true spirit of Karate Training, for that I personally will always be grateful. It is with a sad heart for his families loss that I make these statements.

Big News!!

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ThaVisa MasterCard acceptedt’s right we now have over 700 Products in our Near-Wholesale online store! Also beginning today we are now accepting Visa and MasterCard payments in addition to processing payments through PayPal! Now our customers have a choice in how they can pay. We have also added Gift Certificates to the store for your shopping convenience. We have also added a donate section for those who want a simple way to donate to the scholarship fund.

That is the major news for today. But we’ve also made additions to the Gallery, this blog and free email is on it’s way!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Defense Industry ID Theft

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Laptop stolen from aerospace company holding personal information on employees. Boeing announced on Friday, November 18, that personal information on 161,000 current and former employees was put at risk of exposure with the theft of a laptop computer belonging to a company human-resources employee. The exposed information includes names, Social Security numbers and, for some, birth dates, bank names and account numbers. Also on the stolen computer are some employees’ home addresses and bank-account routing numbers for direct-deposit paychecks. Boeing said it has no evidence that the theft, which took place away from Boeing’s offices, has resulted in any information being revealed.
It said there was no classified, supplier, customer, engineering or material financial information on the computer. It’s very possible no one has accessed the data, and even if they did, it would be quite an effort to put it together in a usable format,” said spokesperson Tim
Neale. The computer is password-protected, though the data on it isn’t encrypted, he said.
Convenient for them to think there isn’t a problem because it would be difficult to compile the data on this unecrypted, non-password protected system! Glad to see our defense industry takes security so seriously, perhaps that is why China has made so many technology advances recently.
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Busy happenings

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Well I wish this were all good news…
The site has been offline for almost a day and a half due to some hardware issues. It is unfortunate but a fact of life when dealing with technology. On the up side no data was lost!
The store is coming along nicely, we now have over 700 products available with more arriving and being added every day. We are committed to offering the best prices on the Internet for Martial Art supplies. For to long have practitioners been subject to price gouging! The Gallery is sporting several new additions including new Wallpaper and Amazng Moves, please stop by and cast a vote for your favorite! 🙂 Well it is back to work, have to make up for lost time!!

True Martial Arts Spirit!

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Srikanth, a boy from Coimbatore, India has become the first person from India to be registered in the Guinness book for Karate! How did he do it? Srikanth performed kata for 24 hours straight! To insure the record remains his he is planning on a 36 hour performance in the near future! Now that’s the martial spirit. The boy (whose age isn’t mentioned) was encouraged by his coach and onlookers alike. It was only through his will that he lasted the full 24 hours since many onlookers reported feeling tired just watching him.

Srikanth, the young Karate master, while participating at various school, district, State and national-level competitions, has so far won more than 56 medals. Srikanth and his coach had chosen 30 katas in shitoryu style to perform imaginary fighting in a free form. Srikanth’s coach, Karthik says , “He was just like any other normal child. After joining karate school he practiced rigorously and won various medals at inter-school, national , state level competitions. He participated in the World Karate Championship held at Phillippines where he couldn’t win a medal but the defeat made him move forward. By observing his determination and hard work we further groomed him. Now, being a World record holder, he plans to cross the 24 hours level.” Expressing gratitude to his coach, Srikanth says, “My coach helped me a lot. He guided me with more techniques and encouraged me to set the record. By the month of May I started practice in full swing.”

Devraj, the technical director of Alan Tilak Karate School, says, “ Srikanth has been practicing for past six years. It is the first time we are recording Karate. It’s an imaginary fight, you need to practice really hard. It’s called an imaginative movement and it is based on Yogas and Sadas. It is an art, not something for a street fight.” Srikanth, started Karate when he was studying in a primary class. He developed a deep interest in this art, which involves defensive and attacking techniques, and then onwards he could never keep himself away from this sport. Karate means “empty hand”. It is an effective means of self-defense, but it is also an intense, full body exercise; a philosophy of life; and for millions of people around the world, an exciting competitive sport.
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Near Wholesale Sales Begin!

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With about half of the products we will be carrying in, has made it’s first sales! Currently we only accept PayPal payments however in a few days we will also directly accept credit card payments through the store front. We are working feverishly to be ready for the Holiday shopping spree that is nearly upon us, I think we will make it. The pricing at is unique in that our prices are very close to wholesale! We are counting on doing volume business so please help to that end!!
As soon as our Merchant Account is corrected that we be able to expand the range of customers we appeal to.

Jackie Chan announces Beijing’s Olympic mascot

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Jackie ChanFilm and martial arts superstar Jackie Chan said he guessed two of the five mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics before the quintet was unveiled. Chan made a surprise appearance in the finale of a nationally televised gala unveiling the mascots on Friday night in Beijing. He danced on stage with stuffed toys of two of the mascots in each hand. The mascots, selected three months ago by Olympic officials, were a closely guarded secret. But before the show, Chan said he made a bet with a friend on the identities, correctly guessing they would be the panda and the Tibetan antelope. In the end, the mascots also included stylized versions of a carp, a swallow and the Olympic Flame. “I was right about two,” Chan told reporters afterward.

Test Day!

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Test Day