Taiwanese Grandmaster Wen Hsueh Hung Visits New Jersey, USA

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As part of an new exchange program Americans in North Hanover, NJ, USA got the opportunity to be the first people in America to see Taiwanese Grandmaster Wen Hsueh Hung and his students display their Martial Arts skills. The 80-year-old Grandmaster Hung spoke of the health benefits of the Martial Arts, something that is common knowledge in his culture. His hope is to help Americans make the Martial Arts part of their culture thereby improving their health. At the end of the demonstration six American students unsuccessfully attempted to move the 80 year old Grandmaster who stood on one foot! Certainly evidence of the health benefits of his life in the Martial Arts. Grandmaster Hung captivated the crowd with his personality, humor, youthfulness and most of all his skills.

French Award for Achievement…and Smile?!

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In Paris, France, the French, are known for many things but their smiles are not one of them! Yet despite this irony Jackie Chan was awarded an honarary medal for his films and…his smile! No one can dispute that Jackie Chan has a great smile and seems like a super person, what is strange is the French drawing attention to it! Jackie Chan was in Paris for a Film Festival that will honor his work. As reported by the Associated Press

Taekwondo Versus Karate at the IOC

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As reported today Taekwondo is fighting for its survival with the IOC (International Olympic Committee). Interestingly Taekwondo’s loss could be Karate’s gain! “The president of the World Taekwondo Federation said he has mounted a big international campaign to win supporters for the martial art, while reforming the sport to make its judging easier to understand and its action more viewer friendly.” There are several reasons that Taekwondo finds itself on the block. First is the lack of media attention it received in the 2004 Games in Athens and its low television ratings. One of the most damaging reasons is charges that the judges were not impartial. Nothing looks worse then biased judging at any competition. Giving wieght to the appearance of impropriety is the sports link to Kim Un-yong, a former top Taekwondo officials AND former IOC vice president who was recently sentenced to a two-year jail term and a fine of $760,800 after being found guilty of corruption. None of these facts bode well for Taekwondo’s continued support from the IOC. If Taekwondo doesn’t recieve at least 50 out of 115 votes they will be removed from the 2012 Olympic Games. Taekwondo is not alone in this threat of removal from the games it shares the stage with Baseball, Softball and Modern Pentathlon. If any or all of these sports are eliminated from the 2012 Olympic Games there are five sports on the official waiting list looking to take their place; golf, karate, roller sports, seven-a-side rugby and squash. One would hope if Taekwondo is removed that Karate would be added so the Martial Arts will still have representation at the Olympic Games.

Tai Chi as Medicine

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As this program in Mount Kisco, NY (USA) demonstrates the West is increasingly turning to the East for alternative medicine. This Hospital is advertising the Tai Chi classes as a complementary treatment for hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and other common ailments! Something all Martial Artists have know for centuries…activity especially activities like the Martial Arts that balance mind, body and spirit are good for you.

Circle of Iron

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This Review both slams and endorses the film Circle of Iron. This is a B movie at best. I agree with the reviewer in stating the David Carradine is the only saving grace in the movie. The original screenplay was written in part by Bruce Lee, it is believed that he hoped to make the film with his son Brandon, Bruce would have played the part David Carradine took on. Unfortunately the reviewer is right on target, this is a weak B movie at best but does have a few redeeming qualities for the Martial Arts/Eastern Philosophy enthusiasts.

The True Martial Way – London, England

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This story, titled Flying High with Karate, is really an announcement of basically free classes aimed at getting people off of the streets and into Karate class with the hopes of teaching self-respect and self-discipline to these youths. Chief instructor Sensei Dunstan Lawrence and Andy Asleben have run programs in the borough for years and see this as an opportunity to give something back. The programs is for ages 7 and up, hopefully anyone under 7 isn’t on the street! For more information call Andy on 07811 129107.

A Strange Tale of Self Defense

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This story is bizarre. The man is claiming he killed his wife in self-defense because she was often possessed by evil spirits. Thankfully the court did not buy his story. The facts of the case easily debunk his claim of self-defense and prove his guilt. Just an observation here though, do these people ever consider divorce? I can assure you that if my wife were possessed by evil spirits, I would first seek an exorcist and if that failed I’d find a good divorce lawyer! I am reminded of a comedian talking about bad relationships and comparing them to sour milk…maybe it will be good tomorrow?! Here’s the public service announcement, life is to short to suffer in an abusive relationship that could spiral out of control, get out, stay safe, and have a chance at happiness.

Supernatural Martial Arts…not here!

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The Martial Arts Association in Putrajaya, Bernama (a moderate Muslim state) was told it was not allowed to teach matters pertaining to the supernatural. Wow! Makes you realize how many freedoms you have living in America. Think of how ‘watered’ down American martial arts would be if we couldn’t use a good old fashioned hex or potion before sparring! And forget learning those supernatural abilities seen in the movies..no sir! No 3 story wall walking, unflinching hits to the groin, and who an live without learning to catch a bullet (fired from a gun of course:). What amuses me about this story as in any story about such nonsense is the total lack of a definition of ‘the supernatural’. Couldn’t the simple breathing techniques of the martial arts be viewed as supernatural training given the goal of inner cleansing, higher awareness and clarity of mind! Alas, no oygy board sparring predictions to insure a win at the next competition guess we’ll just have to learn to win by practice and hard work. What an idea! May thought police everywhere fall prey to their own works.

Fat and Lazy

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This Amusing Editorial is short but funny. Sam Burson observes that there is no martial art for the fat and lazy, what were those Shaolin monks thinking?!

Gainsville, GA, USA Karate Camp

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Run by Sunday Hollis of S.P. Hollis Martial Arts the karate camp today (6/13/05) through Friday (6/17/05). Activities will include an obstacle course, padded weapons class, arts and crafts and martial arts training. Camp hours 9:00 AM to Noon. Camp attendees can be from upcoming first-graders through age 12. The camp costs $75. For additional information please contact S.P. Hollis at (404) 597-9053.