Kid Rock, Rocks!

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I went to the movies the other day and during the previews they ran a music video/commercial for the National Guard. The commercial was really just the music video of Kid Rock’s new song Warrior, the video and the song are great. While I don’t think of Kid Rock as a role model he is very talented, patriotic and understands his wealth compared to ours. He also likes to make his music available for free because as he say “I have more money then I can use!”.

There is a problem with embedding his song so until I figure that out you can play it on your system with this link Warrior. To get more information about the song and the Guard visit their official site.

Where are all the children?

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Today I had to visit the DMV.  For those of you not in America, that stands for Department of Motor Vehicles, or as I like to call it Department of the Mentally Vacant.  But I digress, while I was standing in line I spent about 20 minutes next to the free brochure rack.  This rack contains all of the useful tips and information that every bureaucrat thinks you need.  As I looked over the selection I realized something.  There were three tri-fold glossy brochures dealing with pets, how to make your driving vacation comfortable for your pet, the dangers of leaving a pet in the car during periods of heat, and, pet auto safety.  There were zero brochures on child safety. This gave me pause but it wasn’t until a little earlier when I was driving on the highway and I saw a bumper sticker that I felt compelled to blog about this.  A car had to bumper stickers that read “choose life, adopt a pet”.  It all crystallized at that moment.  Where are all the children?

Today if you suggest a woman should “choose life” you are vilified. You regularly hear about pet-issues.  People take their pets to daycare centers and spas, their kids are left to wander the streets.  We hear about animal rights and humane treatment but little about nurturing our children.  I recently found out that there have been 48,000,000 legal abortions just in America since 1973.  Yet there are animal shelters in almost every major town, for fear the animals will be put to death.  Where is the humanity in that?  I bet most people reading know where there is an animal shelter, but do you know where there is an orphanage?  Perhaps that is because unlike our animals we deal with our orphan problem differently.

I know there are still children, I know school populations have risen, so what.  The point is, where are the children in our thoughts and our media and our actions?  Count the bumper stickers and brochures you see and then answer that question.  Perhaps then we will begin to understand the problems we face with our youth, why we face 25% high school graduation rates in Detroit and Baltimore, a 35% graduation rate in New York.  Those are typical graduation rates nationally in case you are wondering.  How can our children succeed or care about themselves if we put them on a back burner, if we value them less then we value our pets?  The message is clear, “choose life and adopt a pet”, and our children are listening all to well.  Think about that the next time you are wondering how we are failing our children and why they have such little self-worth.

Pushing to Your Limit

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Meditation Point #128
You never know how a horse will pull until you hook him up to a heavy load.
Paul “Bear” Bryant, I Ain’t Never Been Nothing but a Winner

In every sport is important to push yourself.  In many sports the structure includes a coach or team members who serve as motivation for you to do your best and push beyond your prescieved limits.  In the Martial Arts we typically compete with ourselves for advancement and ability.  While our Sensei or fellow students may push us most of our practice time is done in solidarity of the group.  Unfortunately many do not reach their full potential since few are truely capable of motivating themselves.  But that is what we must do.  Over the years, I have worked with self-motivated students and those who are not.  The self-motivated student is a blessing, and will often challange the instructor to find new ways to keep them advancing.  However, even self-motivated students will reach what they feel is their limit, often getting them to break through that limit requires hard tactics.  This is not something you can just start doing, you need to slowly increase the challenges you give your students and if self-taught yourself.  It is like the lobster in the boiling water, if you turn the temp up gradually they don’t realize what is happening!

A Sensei must read his students and learn how quickly he can push.  This task is a little trickier if you are working alone, here the trick is to not think but do.  Thinking can limit your potential, what you need to do is plan in very small increments, you want to be like the lobster, slowly increasing your tasks so you don’t dishearten yourself.  Eventually you, either alone or as part of a group will find your natural limits and with training learn how to press yourself beyond them when necessary.

Press on realistically and steadily.  Train hard, Train often!!

Useless Men

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Meditation Point #127
It amazes me who we choose to lead, regardless of party, but it is better said by a much better man…
In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.
John Adams
US diplomat & politician (1735 – 1826)

We should all reflect upon our history and the intent of our founding fathers however daunting a task that may seem.

Play with Their Mind!

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Sometimes it is just plain old fun to play with people’s minds. Don’t know why but this video amuses me…I think it is because of the crash… 😉

Always Remember

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Sorry This is late, but we must never forget.

Seriously Funny Moments

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Perhaps it is my mood but this picture really tickled my funny bone, I have to giggle when I see it.

Maybe it is the disinterested faces watching on… I think it has more to do with a running joke with a few of my students… Oh, Snap!


I know it has been a while since I’ve posted and I am trying to get back on track. Life has thrown me a lot lately but like everything that too shall pass.

Please bear with me and of course…Stay Tuned…many thanks.

Trouble in Paradise

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Over the last week there have been some bad happenings here at KT.  About a week ago our site was compromised and those lovely spammers/hackers/criminals had some fun leaving a few viruses and malware on our site.  We have since cleaned up their mess and locked the door they came in through.  I can tell you it is a lovely way to spend your free time.  So matters were handled and it appeared things were getting back to normal.  Guess again.  It seems Google crawled our site shortly after it was compromised and finding viruses and malware marked our site as “This Site May Harm Your Computer”!  This was discovered today.  Our traffic has all bust come to a stop because of this lovely warning and the fact that Firefox 3 which was released a week ago actually blocks an attempt to visit our site!  It not only blocks your visit it scares the pants off of you!!  It scared me and it’s my site…I was wondering if I should trust myself…

Now I am not saying that some of these measures are not good things, but I can’t help but feel that my house was broken into and the police showed up and arrested me for burglary!  Now I need to prove that I am in fact innocent.  Not a nice feeling for someone who grew up thinking you were innocent until proven guilty.  I’ve read a lot of reports of people having similar problems and quiet frankly they are mad at Google.  Personally I think what Google is doing is a good idea that is implemented poorly.  Yes the great Google got it wrong.  I think in cases like mine their service is invaluable to alerting you to the fact that you have a problem with your site.  Having dealt with these types of problem I can tell you that finding the problem is often difficult because these criminal types are good at hiding their work.  But perhaps when Google finds a problem like this they could fire off a warning email to the site owner to give them a chance to clean things up (since I doubt they even know they have a problem).  With all of Google’s resources this would not cause them any harm, it’s just a suggestion.

I’ll report back on how easy or not it is to get this scarlet letter removed from my site.  In the mean time I am going to ponder the thought that the Internet is quickly becoming a playground only for the rich and the rich corporations who can employ full time staff to catch these problems before Google does.

And to the Hackers/Spammers/Defacers/Malware-ers I hope to see you in the ring real soon…