Merry Christmas!!

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Remember the reason for the season, and give thanks for all we have.

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

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May all of our readers have a Merry and Blessed Christmas season.  Tomorrow as we begin the Christmas celebration let us all reflect on how fortunate we are, for we are all fortunate in some way regardless of our situation.  May God’s Grace spread around the world and fill the hearts of Man with goodwill and peace.


Pride Lasts Foundation Annual Appeal

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Right now is the time to change a child’s life! Because of you, the Pride Lasts program is a success, now it is time to grow! Renew or subscribe today to a magazine and help us bring Pride back to our youth. With your help we can change the future! For each magazine you renew or subscribe up to 40% goes to the Pride Lasts Foundation. Right now our goal is set at $500.00 which will allow us to double the size of this years program!! Our goal is to double in size each year until we are a active Nationally! Please help us attain this goal.  To learn more about us please sign up for our newsletter.

Isn’t it time you made a difference in someone’s life? Take a moment to help us make a positive impact on the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow while making a purchase you will make anyway. Thank You. is the proud sponsor of the Pride Lasts Foundation and are happy to donate 10% of all profits and technical support.

A Short Break

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Let me apologize to all our loyal readers for my silence this past week, I am dealing with a few personal issues that have me slightly distracted at the moment.  If all goes well I should be back in action this coming week with some very interesting topics and material.  Perhaps I will write more about some of the issues I’m dealing with but right now I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging in the dark.

Train Hard, Train Often!

To Our Readers, Especially Those Who Disagree

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It was mentioned recently that moderating blog comments is seen as censorship. It seems some readers wonder if we will accept their comment, or if I will “Censor” them and therefore choose not to comment!Censoring is Bad


If you could see the amount of SPAM/Junk/Trash that attempts to make it into our comments on a given day you would understand why we need to “moderate” our comments. It seems one way spammers make money is to get their stuff post random “comments” to blogs. These “comments,” which spam programs generate by the billions, often turn out to be ads for online drugs, get-rich-quick scams, links to porn sites, and the like. We detest these type of comments!

It is pretty rare that we wrongly classify a comment but if we do it is not intentional. If your comment doesn’t show up on the blog do not assume that we’ve censored it. We reject very, very few for their content. If you send in a comment and it doesn’t appear within 24 hours (and usually much sooner), give us a second chance — send in another one. If you still don’t see results, drop one of us an e-mail.

Hopefully this puts everyone at ease that we only censor SPAM.

Please remember that since we want this to be a family friendly site we have to be vigilant. The good news is once you have posted a few approved comments your posts are immediately displayed. We still check them to make sure some slimy spammer hasn’t tricked his or her way into the system…but that isn’t you!

So by all means post a comment! Agree with me, disagree with me, take me to task, challenge my logic (I know I leave holes some times!), argue with other commentor’s posts, tell me you love me, but don’t spam me! Honestly all comments are welcome because it motivates me and helps me to know what you want to hear…

See you in the comments…

2008 Shotokan Karate Championships

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2008 Shotokan Karate Championships and 2008 WUKO/USA TEAM PAN-AM TRYOUTS

2008 JKA Shotokan Karate Championships
For More Information Please Visit American JKA

Martial Minds

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Now you can Add feeds from both this blog (Martial Thoughts) and our forum (Martial Discussions) to your iGoogle page for easy viewing! That’s right has just completed developing the first Version of our iGoogle Gadget for your use!!

Customize your Google search page today and stay current on all the latest News and Discussions!

Bruce Willis – Honorary Black Belt Recipient

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Bruce Willis


As a huge Bruce Willis Fan I couldn’t resist making up this sign. He may not be a Martial Artist but I think the Martial Arts community should get together and make him an Honorary Black Belt. He is way cooler the Chuck Norris, he can take a beating better then Chuck Norris, he doesn’t stay down and keeps on swinging, he has a better sense of humor then Chuck Norris, he is a better actor then Chuck Norris, pretty sure Bruce Willis has taken out more Bad Guys then Chuck Norris, and well he’s Bruce Willis!!

Bruce we Salute you and wants to present you with the First Honorary Black Belt for your contributions to making being a Guy cool and meaningful. Bruce, please contact us so we can arrange the presentation of your Honorary Black Belt.

Pride Lasts a Lifetime

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I am working on the Easter Holiday Appeal for the Pride Lasts Foundation and in doing so I am reflecting on the needs of some of the kids we are trying to support. These are not kids that are starving or typically even homeless so the question begins to form why should we be interested in these kids? It is a good question. I came across this very poignant video, featured below, that really puts things in perspective on who needs immediate help. But there is a but that answers my original question, why these kids? The answer is actually pretty simple: contagious. We should help these kids because Pride is contagious and the more these kids believe in themselves the more they will do with their lives and the more they will develop the propensity to help others.

We are looking to make a small splash that will have a ripple effect on society. It is our belief that while helping these kids we are potentially having a bigger impact. That is not to say that this is a more Nobel cause or that we should forget the plight of the truly destitute, we should not. Help us increase the the potential of these children who are already struggling to make a better life for themselves. Helping those who demonstrate a desire to improve themselves IS a Nobel endeavor, for they improve us and our society and perhaps more important they serve as proof to their peers that they can succeed. We do it because their future is worth it.

If we do not support these children then the facts in the video I mentioned before will always remain just that, the facts.

Perhaps this is the beginnings of a strange appeal letter!

Worldwide Dojo and Services Directory

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0 wants to help your students find your school, Dojo or fitness facility or business, for FREE!!  Yes, That’s FREE as in Beer!!

Help to make our WorldWide Martial Arts and Fitness Service Directory the most popular and successful Martial Arts Directory in the WORLD!  Make sure your school is listed today (free registration required).