What does your 2014 look like?

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Forget New Year resolutions, they don’t work for a litany of reasons. One of those reasons is you are taught through media and social engineering that you are OK the way you are. You are taught there is no ideal or perfect way or state of being. You are taught to be consumers not producers. Your kids are taught so too. There is a constant onslaught of relax, chill, you are fine, be happy with yourself, and a host of other new age bull crap messages. We are taught to look outward not inward. Not feeling well, buy something! Where is the proof? If you need proof you are blind, but here is a graphic of the average American that demonstrates what I am talking about:
1985-2013 how things have changed.

What was once uncommon has become common.  What was once sought after is now shunned.  We have let ourselves be led to an instant gratification society, we don’t want to work, we want it now, no pain, no sweat, no effort.  I see this every week no matter where I go.

This pertains to the Martial Arts because people don’t earn their belts anymore, they buy them (with rare exceptions).  The funny thing is they don’t even know they are doing it, buying their advancement.  Most Martial Arts schools know that in order for students to “stick” with their training, they have to keep them interested because if success doesn’t come quickly it will be abandon as too hard.

Today everyone gets a trophy!  There is no First place…it is disgusting.  The sad part is it is pervasive in every aspect of our society and like any cancer it is spreading.  The only solution is to push back, to push a culture of success and failure, to stress the importance of hard work and sweat, personal reflection and improvement.  Our greatest competitor should be ourselves, but that takes honesty, did you give it your all?  Was that your best?  No excuses, excuses are the slippery slope to mediocrity.


The Games are back!

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All work and no play makes for a boring individual, so that saying goes.  Well far be it for us to stand in the way of fun here at KarateTraining.org!  Since our site rebuild our games section has been offline and our patrons have let us know, emails, phone calls, it was really overwhelming.  So back by popular demand is the KarateTraining.org games section.  You can find it in the top menu or by using this link.  Unlike the old section you can now add comments.  We are hoping our patrons will post comments with their favorite games and perhaps their high scores, unless you think you aren’t good enough to compete…chicken? 😉

That’s a Lot of Snow!

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A few days late but still had to share.

Not to mention a little to much time on your hands!  That’s jealousy talking!!  The snowman is approximately 15 feet across at the base…Wow!

One of my Connecticut friends, friends posted this and it was to good not to share…

The Most Powerful Martial Arts Attack

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This is an awesome video presentation of various styles and Martial Arts strikes and kicks. While they attribute power to specific styles the important thing to note is the power of the specific attacks used since most styles include all of the attacks demonstrated (at least mine does!)

2008 Shotokan Karate Championships

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2008 Shotokan Karate Championships and 2008 WUKO/USA TEAM PAN-AM TRYOUTS

2008 JKA Shotokan Karate Championships
For More Information Please Visit American JKA

11 Year Old Kyokushin VS Shaolin Battle

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No this isn’t a battle that has lasted 11 years but a battle between two 11 year old competitors! This match pits a Japanese Student of Kyokushin against a Chinese Student of Shaolin Fists. The competion takes place in China before an all Chinese audience all dressed in Red! Who will win…?!

The two eleven year olds are almost equally matched in terms of weight, although the Chinese boy is a bit taller. For those of you who don’t know Kyokushin Karate is considered the “Strongest” karate mostly due to the training techniques; and Shaolin means (little forest) in Chinese though the name is famous in the Martial Arts as stories of Shaolin Monks come to mind. I think you will be surprised by the results of this match.

In my opinion the results are bogus but not surprising given the circumstances of the fight.

When you watch the video take note of the points on both sides ans post your evaluation of the fight in the comments. Let the debate begin!

Bruce Willis – Honorary Black Belt Recipient

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Bruce Willis


As a huge Bruce Willis Fan I couldn’t resist making up this sign. He may not be a Martial Artist but I think the Martial Arts community should get together and make him an Honorary Black Belt. He is way cooler the Chuck Norris, he can take a beating better then Chuck Norris, he doesn’t stay down and keeps on swinging, he has a better sense of humor then Chuck Norris, he is a better actor then Chuck Norris, pretty sure Bruce Willis has taken out more Bad Guys then Chuck Norris, and well he’s Bruce Willis!!

Bruce we Salute you and KarateTraining.org wants to present you with the First Honorary Black Belt for your contributions to making being a Guy cool and meaningful. Bruce, please contact us so we can arrange the presentation of your Honorary Black Belt.

How Good Are You?

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Can you beat this score?

Penguin Hit High Score!

Play Yeti Sports Pinguin Hit to see if you can beat this score! If you post your high score in the comments and we have enough response (i.e.: tell your friends) then we will award a prize to the highest score provided they can backup the claim! What do you have to lose? Once you start you won’t believe how much fun it really is to hit those darn Penguins!! Batter up!

… don’t forget to read the fine print…

Commenter’s must provide a legitimate email address to receive a prize. All prize winners must provide proof of their claimed score. All prize winners waive any royalties or rights to the use of their amazing feat, name, likeness, competition story, or person in the event that their actions and high score result in book deals, movie rights or Broadway shows. KarateTraining.org will most likely share a maximum 10% of the profits from any resulting book deals, movie rights or Broadway shows at the discretion of management. Have fun and play often!

The Champion Paradox

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This video clip is from a 2002 interview with Sir Roger Bannister, Doctor and Record setting marathon runner. Sir Roger Bannister was an amazing average guy athlete, he competed because he loved to run. I am posting this interview clip because the meat of what he is saying is rather motivational.


Here is a man who has witnessed and assisted in a transformation of the athletic arena over the past century. Above all though he still holds that in any sporting competition “What you think may happen doesn’t happen”. Ultimately a champion is beaten and a known or an unknown becomes the new champion. This is the Champion’s Paradox.This theme of competition is central to all sports including the Martial Arts. In the Martial Arts you are often competing against yourself to reach new heights or perfect new techniques. In the Martial Arts you are trying to best others not only with your technique but by finding flaws in their techniques. This is unique physical conflict sports like the Martial Arts and adds an additional mental component not as evident in other sports. Thus in order to truly perfect the Martial Arts and become a champion you must perfect the body, mind and spirit to triumph over both the external and internal struggles necessary for success.

Video Source

The Three Section Staff (San-Jie-Gun)

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The 3 Section Staff is a formidable weapon that can be swung around similar to a nunchaku or a bo staff. Its use can allow you to clear your whole body space to fend off an attacker. Because of its configuration the 3 section staff is useful as both a long and short range weapon. Held at one end and swung freely the staff extends the users reach almost 3 times their arms length. In close range combat the 3 section staff is held with a section in each hand allowing the user to block and strike in tight quarters. This configuration makes it a slightly more manageable weapon then the nunchaku.

This weapon has fallen out of popular culture and is becoming a more historical weapon as it can be impractical for real use unlike the bo staff (think broom handle!). This ancient Chinese weapon is still an amazing weapon. To get a better understanding of the potential uses of the 3 section staff this demonstration is well worth the watch.

If you really want to appreciate the 3 section staff and its origin you must see the movie Shaolin Master Killer (Widescreen Edition)!