Meditation Point #85

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If your actions are sloppy, your understanding is sloppy, your life is sloppy, and everything is sloppy.
– – Taizan Maezumi

Stop the Silence

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Stop the Silence

Meditation Point #84

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The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.
– – Buddha
Live today wisely for tomorrow is the unknown.

Karate Bear Style?

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Flying Kicks

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First let me say that I am not a big fan of flying kicks. I say this for several reasons, first, I am white and as such can’t jump, 😉 second, when you are in the air…flying…your feet are not on the ground which means that unless your aim is true you are vulnerable to the forces of physics (vectors, study them!). However a flying kick that is executed correctly is a thing of beauty!
There are several components to a flying kick that are crucial. I am going to use the following two photos someone found and sent me to illustrate a few points about flying kicks. (I’ve blurred out the faces since I wasn’t sure who these belonged to.)

In this first photo we see an attempt at a flying kick…
attempted flying kick

    Let’s examine what is “wrong” with this persons kick.

  • She is leaning her upper body forward
  • Her back/bottom leg is hanging
  • all of her motion & force is up
  • Her face is forward and her hand are to the side (you can see the attempt at forward motion)
  • her knee is locked
  • She is kicking with the full bottom of her foot
  • Her thumbs are incorrectly placed on her fists

This first photo is a great picture because it shows a person who appears to have had no training attempting to perform a flying kick. Given an apparent lack of training it is impressive that her arms are in a slightly defensive position.
This next photo is a significant improvement over the last. Here we see much better form…let’s take a look…

In this photo we see a fair well executed flying front kick…
Flying Front Kick

    Let’s examine what is right and wrong with this kick:

  • Right: Bottom foot perfectly tucked
  • Right: Hips/body tilted to allow proper kick execution
  • Right: Foot slightly extended, though the ball of the foot should be extended further
  • Right: Her torso is not forward
  • Wrong: Her back arm is tucked correctly but it is sticking out to the side
  • Wrong: Her front arm is upside down, out to the side and the elbow is locked

Overall a great kick (ignoring the arms).

One neat thing to notice in both of these photos is the sand/water that is flying through the air. In the captured sand/water you can clearly see the direction and motion of the kick leading up to the captured moment. Take a look at these study them and comment if your own assessment or if you agree or disagree.

Happy Father’s Day

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What can I say about this day? If it weren’t for my Father I wouldn’t be were I am today. I owe him everything. Father’s are underrated in today’s society so it is nice that we still have a day of appreciation. In a world where the media denigrates men regularly we sometimes loose sight of the reality of what it means to be a real man. I won’t get off on a rant here but I’d like to! 😉 So to go with the softer side of Father’s Day I thought I’d post this…

Happy Father's Day
While it is sappy I have to admit it is true.
Oh! Kids don’t forget to give your Dad some artwork today! Here is a page you can color and give to Dad!!

Happy Father's Day Dad

(click on the image to get the full size version)

Meditation Point #83

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Some People
After the week I just had this struck me as true and funny. If you don’t find it funny you might be a slinky!!

UK Law makes security research illegal?!

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The United Kingdom (UK) has enacted a Law that outs a stop to security research! Now this law applies to Web Security or software flaws however there is a greater implication for anyone involved in security related professions (martial artists, private detectives, risk analysts, etc). The law punishes researchers for attempting to locate flaws much less disclose those flaws. A report written the Computer Security Institute took input from a broad working group, including security researchers and representatives of U.S. law
enforcement agencies. The reason the Law was passed was because everyone’s eye was on increasing the ability to prosecute Web attackers. As is often the case no one thought of the far reaching implications of this law, or maybe they did! If you would like to read the report it is available as a Free PDF (registration required):
If a law like this can pass perhaps we will soon see laws that say it is illegal to demonstrate or simulate physical attacks, or to look for physical security vulnerabilities! It is a direct comparison to this law so don’t laugh… After all couldn’t a would be attacker take your class to learn how their victims may defend themselves and thereby find a way to overcome their defense?!? I’m sure our law makers are thinking about this right now…

FAQs now available

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One more feature of the web site is now active! You can now view existing Frequently Asked Questions or request answers to new questions. Check out our FAQs Page today.

Bourne Ultimatum

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I am a huge fan of the Bourne movies and was very excited to see there is another being released August 3rd, 2007, this summer! The first two while not martial arts films have some excellent scenes that demonstrate how proper control and technique use can overpower more numerous or skilled attackers. I had the trailer posted here but it was pretty loud and loads automatically so I switched it to a link. Click on the poster and watch the trailer, I shouldn’t need to say more…

The Bourne Ultimatum