Lift Strong and Help Cure Cancer

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Alwyn Cosgrove is one of the top strength coaches in the world and is known to many. In addition to making a name for himself as a world class strength coach he was also a world-class martial artists as a 7 time British National Champion and 2nd World champion! This is a man who knows how to get it done.
What most people don’t know about Alwyn Cosgrove is that over the past few years he has battled cancer. What most people also don’t know is he is a two-time cancer survivor. Cancer is a word that strike fear into the hearts of most people, I am sure that Alwyn was no different but he fought back and won! What is more amazing is he beat Stage IV cancer. His most recent bought with cancer was fought last summer when he received a stem cell transplant. Now he wants to give something back to help advance the research that helped save his life. He is doing this by asking his fellow fitness and nutrition friends (experts) to contribute articles to a book called “Lift Strong” where ALL PROCEEDS would go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Well his friends really came through because the 800 page book is now available and packed with great reading material and training advice from more then 50 experts and writers. To be clear ALL of the profits are going to directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. That’s correct, every penny. No one involved in this project were paid for their contribution and all the money goes to the charity. And the price is just $24.99! So what are you waiting for?!
If you are a skeptic and need to read more, then go here, otherwise get over to right now, purchase your copy and help the fight against cancer. If that isn’t a good enough reason (shame on you) then buy one because it is a great price for an incredible resource. Alwyn Cosgrove

Beware of the Deadly Virus!

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This news is a few days old (9 to be exact) but it was to good a topic to pass up! So on April 13th it was reported that a Deadly virus phone threat causes Pakistan to panic. Now at first glance this isn’t a big deal, hackers found a way to send you a virus to your phone, BUT you would be mistaken. No, no! Pakistan mobile service providers have been inundated by calls from subscribers worried by a prank message that they could die of a deadly virus being transmitted via their phones. You read right, they thought that someone could send them an actual medical virus that could infect their body and make them sick. So we have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt here perhaps this was a small group and the report is slightly overblown…Guess again…The rumor was so effective that some mosques in the country’s biggest city, Karachi, made announcements that people were being killed by a mobile virus and they should be aware of God’s wrath. And so whoever started this “virus” prank is up there with the greats like “War of the Worlds”. Perhaps those panicking had recently seen the Hollywood movie “The Ring” in which people die within a week after watching a video. In Pakistan the prankster warned users that a deadly virus transmitted through phones had already killed 20 people. And people wonder why we Americans found Borat so believable? (Maybe a bad example since I haven’t seen the movie yet!) There are more than 52 million mobile users among 160 million people in Pakistan, no word yet on how many people were infected…I mean affected by this prank!
So what should we all learn from this event? How about applying a little common sense when faced with any situation.

Meditation Point #80

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I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they get closer. Then it hit me.
– Unknown
πŸ™‚ Some times we just lack perspective, often it takes a smack in the head to help us gain it!

How to call the police

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The following is a True Story
George Phillips of Meridian, Mississippi was going up to bed when his wife told him that he’d left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window.
George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.
He phoned the police, who asked “Is someone in your house?” and he said “no”. Then they said that all patrols were busy, and that he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when available.
George said, “Okay,” hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again. “Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people in my shed. Well, you don’t have to worry about them now cause I’ve just shot them all.” Then he hung up.
Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response unit, and an ambulance showed up at the Phillips residence and caught the burglars red-handed.
One of the Policemen said to George: “I thought you said that you’d shot them!”
George said, “I thought you said there was nobody available!”
This is a sad but true story. I use to tell my students to call in a fire or yell fire instead of calling the police when in dire need but this beats that by a mile! It is unfortunate that we are forced to rely on such an unreliable system for our safety and protection. A fact that criminals exploit daily. Don’t get me wrong we should have the utmost respect for the Badge it is the sloth that has infiltrated most police forces that should bother us. I often argue (and challenge any to dispute) that the police have one of the safest jobs around (with the exception of certain undercover and inner city cops). Think of it this way, while the criminals are getting away with your stuff, the police are taking a statement from you! The police don’t even come close to making the Top 10 most dangerous jobs in America. So next time expect a little more from your police force even if you have to help them do their job like this man did!

Meditation Point #79

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Nothing will work unless you do.
– – Maya Angelou
This is my new favorite quote.

What’s in your food?

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In our zeal for a “global economy” we (American’s) tend to forget that very few other countries have standards as high as ours. Nor are there as many health protections…
China’s food safety woes expand overseas. The list of Chinese food exports rejected at American ports reads like a chef’s nightmare: pesticide-laden pea pods, drug-laced catfish, filthy plums and crawfish contaminated with salmonella. Yet, it took a much more obscure item, contaminated wheat gluten, to focus U.S. public attention on the fact: China’s chronic food safety woes are now an international concern. In recent weeks, scores of cats and dogs in America have died of kidney failure blamed on eating pet food containing gluten from China that was tainted with melamine, a chemical used in plastics, fertilizers and flame retardants. Just as with manufactured goods, exports of meat, produce, and processed foods from China have soared in recent years. Worried about losing access to foreign markets and stung by tainted food products scandals at home, China has in recent years tried to improve inspections, with limited success. The problems the government faces are legion. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in excess to boost yields while harmful antibiotics are widely administered to control disease in seafood and livestock. Rampant industrial pollution risks introducing heavy metals into the food chain.
Say what you want, but this is why I try to only purchase US grown food goods. But this topics brings to mind one question…Why is America, the bread basket of the World, importing food we are capable of growing?…

Exploiting Our Safety Zone

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As reported in the Baltimore Sun. A Maryland boy was burned by acid on school slide. A 2 1/2 -year-old boy was severely burned Saturday afternoon, April 14, at the playground of a Middle River, MD, elementary school after going down a slide doused in sulfuric acid and landing in a pool of the corrosive liquid. Authorities said they believe vandals stole the industrial-strength drain cleaner from a storage closet at Victory Villa Elementary School and poured it over pieces of playground equipment The boy, who lives less than a quarter-mile from the school, was in fair condition last night at Johns Hopkins Hospital’s pediatric burn unit. He was being treated for third-degree chemical burns — the acid having penetrated three layers of skin. “We found this liquid on everything — the jungle gym, the monkey bars — everything,” said Baltimore County Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Vickie Warehime. This incident came just two days after a similar one in Texas. A two-year-old girl there suffered minor burns on her left forearm and buttocks after she got on a playground slide. Investigators in the Austin suburb of Leander said they believe someone sprayed the slide, benches and the grass at a community park with hydrochloric acid stolen from a community pool, according to media reports.
I wasn’t sure about posting this story here but decided to do so to raise awareness. I thought about not posting it because I didn’t want to give any ideas to some any sick individuals out there. Then I decided it was more important to wake people up and raise their awareness. These two events are isolated cases and I don’t think “our children” are in grave danger. But these stories do speak to the attitude we often take when adopting a false sense of security in certain environments. Many people judge the world by their experiences and can’t imagine anyone doing something like this, that leaves them vulnerable. We must always be aware of our surroundings and should never be overly trusting of an environment (a playground, school, etc) or of people (neighbors, friends, etc). I know this sounds paranoid but that is not what I am advocating. There is no blame here either, these stories are not the fault of the parents or the children, any more then the passengers are to blame for the attack on the World Trade Towers. But if we are a little more aware we might notice something that could stop the next person from being attacked. But don’t forget that is a ‘might’ and ‘could’ since there is no safe environment or perfectly aware person. May none of us ever experience what these poor children and their families are dealing with, and may they catch the sick individuals responsible.

Made it….

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It is Friday πŸ™‚ Nothing else matters today, I made it. But there was this one thing…
I got a fortune the other day….To understand is hard. Once one understands, action is easy.…Now usually I like my fortunes or at least find them amusingly useful, however this one annoys me. I’m not buying it. Perhaps it is because I just finished filing my Taxes. Perhaps it is because understanding does not equate to action, especially easy action. Acceptance or surrender I might buy but not understanding. I can understand something needs to be but if it is unpleasant that understanding will not necessarily push me to action! So who ever wrote this fortune…you are no Confucius or Lao Tzu. Perhaps the writer’s problem is that understanding often comes through action…when we mess up!

Training Notes – The Easy Way

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No Easy Enlightenment
Some students just don’t get it. Perhaps that’s you… To sound like a 90 year old, everything in life worth attaining takes hard work and commitment. This harsh truth is often ignored by many of us (all of us at one point or another). Most often we ignore this fact because we think we have natural ability or we figure “it” will just happen. In this case “it” is the ability and know-how to play chess. In class “it” is the ability to perform a technique well or spar and win. Like most sports there are only a few great athletes but unlike most sports in the Martial Arts your competitor is largely yourself. This means if you never challenge yourself then you will never succeed. Think of it this way…for anyone who has lifted weights with a bad spotter that doesn’t help you reach your best it is a unfullfilling experience, of course so to is someone who pushes you to far. The great part about the Martial Arts is it helps to develop your heart, your ability to go that extra step when your body says NO! And if you don’t push yourself to admit that you wimped out and not look for blame elsewhere. This is not a “no pain, no gain” mindset but one of self-growth, push in a healthy way find the balance and you will succeed.

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie

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After you watch this video you will need to run to the grocery store and get the ingredients! Very well done piece and given all the reading I have been doing on the health benefits of blueberries I couldn’t resist posting this recipe…Enjoy!