Resilient Life

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Life is amazing. This is really a simple statement of fact, at least from my perspective. Life is everywhere if you really look for it. Life is strong and persistent. Even in hostile environments we find life, we should not be surprised. Nothing gives its life freely or willingly, instead it fights and claws to hold onto whatever existence it can find. Now there are always exceptions, those who commit suicide like Robin Williams for example. Thankfully this is the exception. I took this picture because it struck me that it embodied the struggle of and for life. Given the chance life springs forward, even if not in the most perfect places or form. There is something to be learned by meditating on this simple truth. Life is precious, fragile and yet incredibly resilient and strong. I have seen people and animals in their last moments fight against the coming void, even when the end was inevitable and staying was cruelly painful. Oh we sit and state the obvious; “I do not want to go like that”, but we all fight for our last moments. We also fight for our first moments. This isn’t something most of us recognize. A fragile baby will fight for it’s place in the world, even before birth babies fight for life. Life does not go quietly because it goes against the very nature of life. Like this plant, we make the best and put down roots. What is interesting to me is while we cherish and fight for our life, we dismiss and degrade the life in others. Why? We believe we are superior to other life, so justified; at least that seems to be the general thought process.