Discretion – Get Some

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Pride Lasts Foundation Annual Appeal

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Right now is the time to change a child’s life! Because of you, the Pride Lasts program is a success, now it is time to grow! Renew or subscribe today to a magazine and help us bring Pride back to our youth. With your help we can change the future! For each magazine you renew or subscribe up to 40% goes to the Pride Lasts Foundation. Right now our goal is set at $500.00 which will allow us to double the size of this years program!! Our goal is to double in size each year until we are a active Nationally! Please help us attain this goal.ย  To learn more about us please sign up for our newsletter.

Isn’t it time you made a difference in someone’s life? Take a moment to help us make a positive impact on the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow while making a purchase you will make anyway. Thank You.

KarateTraining.org is the proud sponsor of the Pride Lasts Foundation and are happy to donate 10% of all profits and technical support.

Trunk Monkey Enforcement

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I love the whole trunk monkey series but these are my favorites! Unfortunately there are only a limited number of these commercials that were made, personally I’d like to see the series continue, see what you think…

As adults we can’t usually go after kids that need a good “talk’in” to, but with a trunk monkey…well just watch…

As law abiding citizens we want to see all conflicts handled in a humane and expedited manner, enter the trunk monkey! ๐Ÿ™‚

And saving the best for last…

This is perhaps my favorite because, well wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy!

Gaining Perspective

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This video may be a little sappy for some people but it makes a great point about perspective and compassion.


More info on video clip available here.

We could all learn a little more about ourselves and others by simply taking the time to be more observant to those around us. It is amazing how a simple smile or common courtesy can change a persons day. Too often we forget the good times and focus on the bad, some become consumed by the bad moments, a moment of kindness could break that cycle for them. As we train we need to consider the perspective of our fellow students, people we meet and even our enemies. The more we master (equals defeat) our egos the more second nature this state of being becomes.

But the guy with the cookie, him I’d give a quick hit to the kidney, collapse his knee and then say excuse me…but that’s just me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I say that because, sometimes even people down and out need to be reminded to offer common courtesy and use decent manners.


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There is nothing happy or festive about this day, a day when so many good men died. But this is a warriors day when we must bow our heads and remember the Martial Spirit that paved the path for victory and freedom. This video is perhaps the best remembrance which honors the sacrifice of these men and all those who followed.


If the above video doesn’t play correctly use this link.

Our Deepest Fear…

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Meditation Point #126

There isn’t much that I can add to this so I will not.

Thanks to Michele and Ellen for correcting me in the comments section.ย  They are indeed correct.ย  Ellen thank you for the link.ย  I followed it up and the quote is actually from the novel, A Return to Love, it is still a great quote!

The Three Rs

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Response, Reaction and Reflex

In any hostile situation it is important to maintain control.ย  Often people think of control as a well thought out process where you act like a Chess Master to subdue your opponent into submission.ย  In reality thought has little to do with it.ย  I continually drill my students to stop thinking, breath and just be.ย  But what does this mean in a real life situation? In a hostile situation you need to be in command of the three Rs, Response, Reaction and Reflex.

Response: Our immediate Response to any situation can determine the outcome by maintaining advantage over your opponent(s).ย  Responding weakly may give us the advantage by drawing in our opponent(s) with a false sense of security.ย  Responding aggressively may discourage our opponent(s) from picking you as a target.ย  This first R, response, requires us to quickly assess the situation and determine our course of action, weak, strong, strong then weak, weak then strong, or some other response will drive our next move.

Reaction: The word reaction is often taken to be an emotional response to a situation, that is NOT what we are talking about here.ย  To react indicates an immediate action that occurs without thought.ย  Without training our reaction typically reverts to the flight or fight model though I add a third reaction to the standard two, freeze.ย  Freezing typically occurs during a moment of indecision or just before flight.ย  We train to avoid the Freeze or Flight reaction, we train so we can Fight if necessary but mostly to maintain control of our reactions.ย  Our training removes the emotion and limits fear from the reaction to a situation.ย  The more we train the more we react with muscle memory to a threat increasing our reaction time.ย  Muscle memory is devoid of emotions like fear.

Reflex:ย  Even with muscle memory coming to our aid in reducing fear and increasing reaction time there is still one R remaining.ย  We may have the correct response and we may even give the correct reaction, but without the proper training our defense will fall apart quickly.ย  Why?ย  Muscle memory is only good for the initial few seconds in a situation.ย  After that you will have to rely on your knowledge and skills to protect and sustain you.ย  Soldiers are forced to do repetitive training for a reason, it builds a long term procedure for a given situation.ย  Perhaps we should name the third R repetition however that is only the tool to attain the skill we want.ย  Given proper training when hit your body will respond to soften the effects of the blow similar to the way your leg jerks out when the doctor hits your knee!ย  The key component is repetitive training, a common theme.