Knowing when to quit…

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When the cameras are rolling know when to quit or at least make sure it doesn’t get leaked to YouTube!

I always said I’ve never met a board I didn’t like! This guy should pick his fights better.

It’$ all about the MONEY…

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…but it shouldn’t be.  I am increasingly annoyed by people “with” picking on and judging people “with less” or “without”.   The most amusing or perhaps sad was how Chuck Norris threatened a small business for trying to sell T-Shirts with his likeness on them.  Chuck actually paid an attorney to send them a letter. (If I find the link I’ll post it.)  The funny part was their response.  They were more then happy to comply since they had not sold even one of the T-Shirts!  So concerned about someone else making money off of him he begins to act silly.  Silly Chuck!  Please don’t respond with some lame corporation jargon either.  Chuck is not the only one who is guilty of this type of behavior.  But what I find more disturbing is not business “fights” like these.  What really gets me is when people lose perspective.

I’m a pretty positive and upbeat person  but I am also realistic.  Money matter.  The difference is I am not looking to cut anyones throat or climb on anyones back to get it.  There are a lot of people like me too, I hope.  I have a few very successful friends and what I like about them is their compassion for their fellow man.  They put people and passion before business and you know what I have observed?  It pays off in the long run.  Notice that last phrase, long run.

I recently read the following quote “Happiness is not dependent upon money in the bank. Life is measured in hours and days, not dollars and cents.”  The Zen perspective would agree with this.  In the real world you have to have enough money for the necessities for this to apply.  If I am hungry, lack shelter, or are sick, then this is a hard point to prove.  That isn’t to say that the homeless, the destitute or sick can’t find happiness, they can in a way.  But isn’t it presumptuous of us to make such statements without giving note to those without?  Especially when we are selling something??

You will hear these same people, the ones selling stuff, like Chuck Norris and others telling you that if you aren’t happy you just need to change.  Change your job, your life, take control!  Easy to say when you have the means to change things.  I doubt that single mother who just worked a double shift as a waitress to feed her kids has the energy to change anything.  So while I agree with the positive messages of so many of the people I am criticizing we need to reminded every so often to keep it Real.   Life comes at you fast and if you don’t have the money or resources (support, etc) to deal with it, it will mow you down!  It’s hard to find happiness after you’ve been run over!

I guess the point I am driving at is that none of us are perfect, regardless of how successful you are or how great of shape you are in.  Happiness can be a state of mind, but then again so can Greatness!  Perhaps the saying should be said this way… “Happiness is not dependent upon money in the bank, but it helps.  A Life is measured not by time or money but by humility and acts of  kindness toward our fellow man.”  But that’s just me, you have to choose for yourself.

Broccoli and Chicken Pasta

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  • 3-4 chicken breasts
  • 12 oz. bag egg noodles
  • 1 pkg. Mushrooms
  • 1 can baby corn (cut)
  • 2 cups broccoli florets
  • 1 pkg. beef and broccoli mix
  • 2 tbsp. soy sauce (add more if desired)
  • Butter


Cut chicken into 1/2 inch cubes and brown in pan with butter.

Add broccoli, mushrooms, and baby corn. Cover and let steam until broccoli is tender.

Add water and soy sauce to beef and broccoli mix as directed and add to pan (stir frequently).

Cook egg noodles as directed.

Mix egg noodles with the mixture and enjoy!

Cracking down on ID Theft

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Federal Agents conducted the second raid this year on Wednesday, August 22, at Smithfield Foods’ pork slaughterhouse in Bladen, NC. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson, Richard Rocha, reported that Twenty-eight people stand accused of entering the country illegally and committing identity theft. Twenty-five were from Mexico, two were from Guatemala and one from Honduras. Rocha said that the arrests were the result of an investigation and that the suspects were targeted, not part of a random sweep of illegal immigrants.

We need to see more of these stories if the government is really going to have an impact on Identity Theft in this country. It is a well known fact in the intelligence community that most identity theft goes to support illegal immigrants and labor. While illegal immigration is a politically charged topic for some people “we the people” must be realistic about the problem. Many feel illegal immigration is o.k. because they are doing the work “we don’t want to do”. Of course this is ridiculous because there isn’t any job I wouldn’t do to support my family. The real problem is these supporters are hypocrites because they are really supporting people being paid less then a minimum wage meaning these illegals either have to work inhuman hours or they need to turn to crime to survive. Enter Identity theft, this allows these illegals to fleece our bank accounts, our credit, and our government benefit system. The Federal Government needs to do more then a few raids that net a few criminals. We the People need to support Legal immigration into this country by people who want to be part of this country. The work will get done legally if employers don’t have access to cheap illegal labor.


Amazing Picture

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I know this isn’t technically Martial Arts related but I thought this picture was too cool to pass by…

A slow motion shot

Meditation Point #94

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There are other things besides money


– – Irish Saying

These are words that we need to remind ourselves of everyday. To many of us (the fortunate) these are only words. The fact that you are reading this blog indicates that you are probably unfamiliar with at least two of these terms. As martial artists we must always remember our humanity for we should be seekers of truth and justice. Yes I place a high standard on the word Martial Artist. Many have forgotten that it is a way of life, a choice to take the difficult path. Our path takes us down a road of self struggle but that should never lead us to forget the real struggles of our fellow man. Another ideal that the martial arts promote is that one person can make a difference. They can effect their world, their situation, why else study to defend against oppression (remember your history!)? So please take today and reflect on the above saying and perhaps look upon the world in a slightly less self absorbed, self interested or judgmental.



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You better think twice before taking up crime, not all your victims are willing!



New Blog look and feel!

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So you have noticed that something is very different around here!?! Well you would be correct. We have changed the blogging software we were using to facilitate better collaboration and better authoring tools. So sit back and relax as we continue to tweak the look and feel of this blog and add more features for your enjoyment. You will immediately notice that the blog is now connected to several social networking sites and blog feeds like digg. Please explore these new options and rate the posts you like so our popularity can continue to grow!

Martial Arts Magic!

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The Death Ray has been mastered…This Martial Arts “Master” is touting some pretty amazing skills, the ability to take down an opponent without ever touching them! Watch this video of an investigative reporter looking into his claim. It is so hard to believe that so many people can “fall” for this type of thing.

My guess is that he uses a form of hypnosis on his receptive students to condition them to react this way to his stimulus. To bad the reporter didn’t think of that…perhaps her hit to the head knocked the idea out! Amazing to watch the excuses when things go wrong! I think I want to see his knife wounds as well now.

Amazing Imagination

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Amazing Imagination

Not sure who these guys are but this is pure genius!