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Unfit - An American Problem!
Reprinted here with the permission of our friend Mike Belkin.

This cartoon does a great job of pointing out the perspective of many people today. They lack the long term vision of their health and the impacts their decisions today will have on their health tomorrow. As human beings we tend to have a lack of perspective about ourselves which gives an illusion of our world instead of the reality. Illusions are attractive but dangerous if you loose site of reality. Illusions allow us to ignore dangerous situations (overeating, drugs, laziness, etc) and fall into a cycle of self abuse. Find your reality today and To thy own self be true!

Forum Traffic

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The KarateTraining.org forum is now fully operational! We have signed up 5 moderators this week and have a few more requests we are handling. The quality of the posts is very promising as are the number of visits the forum is getting. We have created a few new private forums that allow schools, clubs and groups to carry on discussions in private without having the headaches of managing the software. Just another FREE KarateTraining.org service!
Look for more improvements coming real soon as we begin to bring all the pieces together and officially launch our web site this summer!

Meditation Point #19

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Habit, laziness, and fear conspire to keep us comfortably within the familiar.
— Jane Hirshfield

WTKA 2006 Italy

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WTKA 2006 November 23-26, 2006 in Viareggio, Italy, for the first time. Martial Arts World Championships is Open to All Styles. They expect 1500 competitors coming from more than 45 countries from all Five Continents to compete sportmanlike to conquer most prestigious WTKA Prize: WTKA All Styles Champion. The Rules are very easy and surely it will be a great success opened to: Karate – Kung Fu – Taekwando – Kick Boxing – Ju Jitsu – Hapkido – Aikido – Kempo – Tang Soo Do – Street Fighting – Jeet Kune Do – Krav Maga – Wing Chun – Kali – Eskrima – Capoeira and every other Styles. All competitors will compete in spectacular competitions rich of emotions and adrenaline arriving to the title of WTKA All Style Grand Champion with $10.000 dollars prize for the winner.
Five big competition sectors:
This is not an event to miss! If you can attend make every effort to do so as this promises to be a very impressive event.

Kyusho International Pressure Point Seminar

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We got this flyer and thought we’d pass it on. This is not an endorsement as we are not familiar with this club or group. We are trying to get more information and will post it here if we do.

New School Website Announced

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This is a new site that just launched to promote the Flying Eagle Martial Arts which teaches Tiger Crane Kung Fu at 5833 East Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley, CA. 93063. The site is VERY visually pleasing and really grabs your attention. The information on this site is specific to this school but if you are in the Simi Valley area it is worth a look. The site appears to be the handy work of one of the Instructors, so the kudos appear to go to Kurtis!

Meditation Point #18

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Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events not of words. Trust movement.
Alfred Adler

This seems to be a rewording of Actions speak louder than words, or perhaps it is the other way around?…

How to know what size portion you should take…

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This is a great graphic that you cn use as a guide to help you decide the right serving size (amount of food) for each meal using everyday items. Remember that some people require bigger portions…within reason!

Portion Size Assistant

Meditation Point #17

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When we speak of being highly developed spiritually, this does not mean that we float in the air.
In fact, the higher we go, the more we come down to Earth.
Chogyam Trungpa

How to Install a Wireless Security System…

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How to install a wireless security system in four easy steps:
1. Go to a second-hand store, buy a pair of men’s used work boots, a really big pair.
2. Put them outside your front door on top of a copy of Guns and Ammo magazine.
3. Put a dog dish beside it. A really big dish.
4. Leave a note on your front door that says something like “Bubba, big Mike and I have gone to get more ammunition – back in 1/2 an hour. Don’t disturb the Pit Bulls, they’ve just been wormed.”