Email Kung-Fu

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Email Kung-Fu
Hope Scott Adams doesn’t mind that I am posting this here…This was too good to pass up.
Of course none of us has ever practiced Email Kung-Fu with this much Mastery!!

WorldWide Martial Arts & Fitness Service Directory – NEW

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It is official! The Karate Training WorldWide Martial Arts and Fitness Service Directory is now fully functional!! The directory features both a graphical and/or a Text interface to make it easier for people to find Dojos and services around the Globe! While the directory is sparsely populated we will be sending out invitations to all known Dojos and service providers over the next few weeks. The directory will feature all styles and related services covering Chinese Styles; Fitness Centers; Japanese Styles; Karate Styles; Korean Styles; Yoga; and, Alternative Medicine Providers (Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, etc). So what are you waiting for?! This service is FREE!! We do not even require a reciprocal link, though we’d like one… πŸ™‚
Get your Dojo listed in the Directory today!!

Live Life!

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Thoughts of lost friends and passing time is always a sobering exercise.

No Respect!

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I took my Son to a Hockey game a few weeks ago and was disgusted when they played the National Anthem. You see I was raised to respect our country and Flag. Not because of what our country does or doesn’t do but for what our country stands for. Obviously this is something that is lost on 80-90% of my fellow Americans. Everyone stood for the Anthem but many left their hats on and only a few put their hands over their heart. Since the game I have been looking for an image to capture the moment and this is it…
Wheel Chair Salute

W.A.S.C.O. OPEN World Championships

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W.A.S.C.O. Open, World Championships
We received an announcement for the the W.A.S.C.O. OPEN World Championships to be held July 1-7,in Cagliari (Italy-Sardinia)! This is a big competition program which will be include any kind of martial arts federations and Independent organizations can participate in their uniform. There will be Team and Individual competitions.

    The competition will include:


There will also be a special competitions to children from 6 years old! For more information or to request the rules please visit or contact office @ for more information. We hope you find this information interesting and useful. If you do contact the WASCO please tell them you heard about the competition at !! If you compete send us pictures and perhaps a review of the competition!!

Are you Mr. or Mrs. Deeds?

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operibus anteire
leading the way with deeds” To speak with actions instead of words. This seems to occur less and less these days. Every day I interact with many different people in diverse situations. People seem afraid to act or to self-absorbed I am not sure there is a difference. It amazes me how many people have no beliefs. What do beliefs have to do with taking action? EVERYTHING! We act based on what we believe. If you believe you will get in trouble you are less likely to act. I admire those that lead through action, even if I don’t always agree with them. Unfortunately there are few I admire. A woman I know recently gained my admiration. She stood up for herself when it was less then comfortable to do so. She was physically harassed. At first she did nothing because I believe she was in shock…not uncommon… But after a few days she confronted the aggressor, told him how his actions made her felt and…this was her mistake…thought he would apologize! She expected the apology because she could not comprehend someone reacting any other way when confronted with some trespass they may not had been aware of…mistake two. She did not get the apology however she no longer has any problems from this person. I believe she feels better about herself too. Action! Yes this is a minor form of action, but it is better then crawling off into a corner to sulk and whine to those who’ll listen. Keep your thoughts to yourself and act! You might be surprised to see who will follow you…but don’t be surprised to find yourself standing alone either! If you act selflessly not for the attention of others you will triumph regardless of the outcome…at least that is what I believe!!

Meditation Point #77

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Abjure the why and seek the how.
– – Sir Richard Francis Burton
To often we get caught up in our thoughts and dreams never to live them. Or so it seems. This meditation point is a call to action! Stop talking and thinking about your dreams and work towards them. Sounds easy but it is much harder then that. Seek the how…find the way, the path to your perfection, this is more important then the why for in attaining the how you will have found the why…

Book Review: Chip and the Karate Kick

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A Review of: Chip and the Karate KickKids Karate Book: Chip and the Karate Kick

This is a great book! If you want to get your child a book to help them understand Karate then this is the perfect book. If you teach children I would suggest you give them this book as a gift or part of their enrollment package! Yes it is that good. The artwork, by Paul Meisel , is very appealing and clearly supports te underlying story. The story, by Anne Rockwell, is cute but to the point. It is an encouraging story of a young student who doesn’t want to work on the little things but just wants to kick, punch and break things like he sees on TV. Sound familiar?! I won’t ruin the ending here but it is well punctuated. πŸ˜‰
Buy this book! Your young students will love it and their parents will thank you!!

An Irish Prayer

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An Irish Prayer
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Luck of the Irish!!

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Luck of the Irish!

Remember to drink responsibly and never around children. Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!