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Pushups are a very important part of any training program. But we only benefit from pushups that are done correctly. Since many students have a hard time doing a perfect pushup I thought I’d write this little blurb. Take a look at the image below. Notice that the body stays straight throughout the pushup. Your butt should NOT move/bend. When you go down your arms and back should form a flat surface. Another way to determine if you are going down far enough is to have someone put their closed fist on the ground (bottom fist to the ground, like you are holding a mug) then lower yourself until you touch there fist. The position of your arms in this picture are classic however changing the arm position can work different muscle groups. That being said, if you can’t do a standard pushup you will probably have a hard time with modified pushups.

Proper pushup

If you are having a hard time with the perfect pushup work up to it in stages. Start by doing the pushup against a wall, couch back, or counter. This lessens the amount of weight you are “pushing” up so you can focus on your form. Like every move in the Martial Arts learning the proper form and using it insure the maximum benefit! Until next time… Train hard, train often.

Meditation Point #73

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The best things in life are nearest. Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you.
– – Robert Louis Stevenson
Why is it that we so often forget that which is near for that which is far off? Perhaps it is our desire to explore and pursue the unknown, more often it is the desire to have that which we do not. Thus is the human condition. If you stop looking at what is nearest to you; you will often trip over it. Then you will look at it like it is new and wonder at the treasure you have just found! Usually the tripping is some illness or tragic event. The problem with this type of discovery is often what we have found no longer is ours to claim, to long left unattended.
This lesson is most dramatically illustrated in the physical world. Did you know that your body can forget basic functions like eating or walking or going to the bathroom? It is true, don’t ask how I know. The body can even forget to heal a wound if it is left in an injured state for to long. So if this is true for basic life/body functions why do we always assume that which we cherish can be taken for granted and still be ours tomorrow? By now most of you probably think I am talking about love. While everything said definitely applies to love I was actually talking about our bodies and minds. To often and to easily people put off exercise or mental work for another time. Some would call this lazy however the problem is far to wide spread to label the majority of people lazy for they are not. I think it is a function of our extremely busy lives. Most of us work very hard and typically long hours to make ends meat. Then we get caught up in the myriad of activities our families and ourselves are involved in. That leave precious few moments to “relax”. And this non-active activity based lifestyle drains us. So what do we do? We eat to much, sleep to little and retreat mentally. What we should do is exercise physically which will increase our mental awareness and ability. Try it and see if I am wrong, try it before you are to out of shape, to old or just lose your will for self-improvement.

Brother’s fight, these Brother’s WIN!!

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At the Cancun Open International Karate Championship the Miller Brothers, Jeremiah and Adam, came out winners. Two of only 12 American competitors at the tournament, these boys faced competitors from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Canada and some of the islands.
Jeremiah Miller won all five of his individual 14- to 15-year-old black belt divisions. He then went on to win the grand championship and finally the overall championship in weapons for the age groups 14 to 17 doing his traditional sword maneuvers. Jeremiah recently received his second-degree black belt in martial arts.
Adam Miller won all eight of his 12- to 13-year-old black belt divisions and won grand champion for the 13-and-under Xtreme forms division. He also was the champion in his fighting divisions.
The boys who attend High School and Middle School respectively are honor roll students in Seminole, Florida. The Miller brothers as they have come to be known are part of the Sidekick International Competition Team coached by world champion master John Chung. The boys are serious about their martial arts and also train at Jim Graden’s Karate in Seminole and also train privately with Sensei Daniel Sterling from Team Paul Mitchell. Both are national and world champions in forms, weapons and sparring. Knowing that there victory is not all that surprising but given their age it is still very impressive! Congrats, from the Staff of KT.org and if the Miller Brother’s should happen to read this, drop us a comment and say Hi.

NEW KT Service Available

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That’s Right there is a new Service avaliable here at KarateTraining.org!!
We are proud to announce the opening of the FREE WorldWide Martial Arts and Fitness Service Directory! You heard correctly, Completely FREE! The Directory offers both a Text Only and a Graphical / Map Driven Navigation system, (sounds official!)
What is better is we are teaming up with our Technology Partner, Technical Know-How, Inc. and offering FREE subdomains (yourname.karatetraining.org) to any Martial Arts or Fitness Service that doesn’t have a web site of their own. You can do your own site development or have Technical Know-How, Inc do it for as little as $50.00. If you are interested in getting a FREE subdomain for your Dojo, Club, School or Service contact us at subdomains@karatetraining.org for more information.
So to recap, that’s Free Directory Listings with no restrictions, Free subdomains and almost Free web development services! What are you waiting for get your Dojo or Service online today!! Was that to Salesy? Well regardless those are the facts, we are excited about them and we dare you to find another Martial Arts site that is offering all this! Yes we are Proud 🙂

Resolution Ramblings

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So here we are in the beginning of a New Year, well 18 days into a new year doesn’t seem so new any more but it is. Tonight we are receiving our first snow fall of the season, we thought it would never happen. It is beautiful but I miss the 73 degree weather of two short weeks ago! It seems that this time of year gets us talking about change. Personal changes, changes in our jobs and families. Physical Changes in our homes and our bodies and our appearances. I am no exception to the rule, I’ll be honest I have set some goals (resolutions) for the new year. I usually don’t but this year the new year just happened to coincide with a turning point in my life. Nothing major just the finishing of one “project” and the opening for a new project. So here we are at day 18 like addicts in a 12 step program trying to force ourselves to stick to some pie in the sky aspiration we have! “I want to make a million dollars“; no, “I am going to loose 100 pounds!” Why do we set such unattainable goals for ourselves? There are only two answers in my mind; one, we are naive or two, we like setting ourselves up to fail. I find the later is more common. It isn’t that you don’t want those things, it is that you don’t believe. In you non-believer state you set yourself up to fail…period.
What to do? Well for one stop kidding yourself about what you are ready to do. That’s right I said ready. Because you can do almost anything you set your mind on if you work hard enough for it, at least here in America you can. Yes there are always stumbling stones and excuses a-plenty if you need them! But if you really want something, if you have the passion for your goal, you won’t want excuses and you will simply climb over the stumbling stones. At this point in my life I am beginning to realize the concept and importance of time. Time is a great teacher if we listen. Time gives us perspective but it can also instill us with cynicism or skew our perspective so we forget all this and feel our plight hopeless. Bull$h!t! We allow that to happen, if it does. Trust me I have had my body torn apart more times then I care to remember. It would be easy for me to make excuses as to why I can’t do this or couldn’t do that, to easy. Instead I choose to live, and, work slowly towards my goals, my ideals, my resolutions by focusing not on the far away but by that which is attainable before me.
Baby Steps. This is a great term and a lesson most of us seem to forget after toddler-hood. Remember it the next time you workout for the first time in a while or when you are trying something hard. Don’t expect to be the best the first time. Don’t lift more then you should that first session, find your stride. There is no shame in trying slowly, the only shame is in Not Trying. So when you shudder at the thought of working out or you make the excuse that you don’t have time…drop and give me 20! Because 20 pushups only takes a minute or two and they will motivate you to do more and more. So start slow but keep moving and you will attain your goals. And like this new snow it will be a surprise when it comes.

Meditation Point #72

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The forces which move the cosmos are no different from those which move the human soul.
– – Lama Anagarika Govinda
hmmm…Deep…real deep.

Up & Coming Interview Series

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Here is the second KarateTraining.org Up & Coming Series Interview!! In this interview we meet Leiticia “Tinity” Pestova. This is a woman with an amazing drive and a passion for Life and the Martial Arts. We feel Leiticia has what it takes to succeed in the Martial Arts and plan on doing future Interviews with her as she works through the ranks and competition circuits! Despite her relative national anonymity we think she is someone to watch as a rising star in the Martial Arts. Without further ado let’s meet Leiticia Pestova a.k.a. “Trinity”!
Read the full interview here: Interview.
Interested? Take a moment to find out more about Leiticia by reviewing her Karate Training Gallery. You can also start/join a discussion about Leiticia in our Forum. Let us know if you or someone you know may be a potential Up & Coming Interview Candidate!

Meditation Point #71

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For others to approve me is easy;
for me to approve myself is hard.
– – Yuan-Cheng
Why is this always the case? We are often far more critical of ourselves then anyone else with the exception perhaps of our Sensei!

Steven Segal Emotional Chart

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Which one describes your mood?

Steven Segal

Mini-Martial Artist Attack!!

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I figured it was to late to get serious this week so here is another silly video clip that makes me laugh. There is nothing funnier then a mini-martial artist taking down a big guy!!
Next week we’ll get back to basics, until then don’t forget to tell your friends about this site! 🙂