W.A.S.C.O. OPEN World Championships

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W.A.S.C.O. Open, World Championships
We received an announcement for the the W.A.S.C.O. OPEN World Championships to be held July 1-7,in Cagliari (Italy-Sardinia)! This is a big competition program which will be include any kind of martial arts federations and Independent organizations can participate in their uniform. There will be Team and Individual competitions.

    The competition will include:


There will also be a special competitions to children from 6 years old! For more information or to request the rules please visit www.wascokickboxing.com or contact office @ wascokickboxing.com for more information. We hope you find this information interesting and useful. If you do contact the WASCO please tell them you heard about the competition at KarateTraining.org !! If you compete send us pictures and perhaps a review of the competition!!

Brother’s fight, these Brother’s WIN!!

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At the Cancun Open International Karate Championship the Miller Brothers, Jeremiah and Adam, came out winners. Two of only 12 American competitors at the tournament, these boys faced competitors from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Canada and some of the islands.
Jeremiah Miller won all five of his individual 14- to 15-year-old black belt divisions. He then went on to win the grand championship and finally the overall championship in weapons for the age groups 14 to 17 doing his traditional sword maneuvers. Jeremiah recently received his second-degree black belt in martial arts.
Adam Miller won all eight of his 12- to 13-year-old black belt divisions and won grand champion for the 13-and-under Xtreme forms division. He also was the champion in his fighting divisions.
The boys who attend High School and Middle School respectively are honor roll students in Seminole, Florida. The Miller brothers as they have come to be known are part of the Sidekick International Competition Team coached by world champion master John Chung. The boys are serious about their martial arts and also train at Jim Graden’s Karate in Seminole and also train privately with Sensei Daniel Sterling from Team Paul Mitchell. Both are national and world champions in forms, weapons and sparring. Knowing that there victory is not all that surprising but given their age it is still very impressive! Congrats, from the Staff of KT.org and if the Miller Brother’s should happen to read this, drop us a comment and say Hi.

Kyokushinkai, the Strongest Karate

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Kyokushinkai fighters in action, not many defensive moves here.

World Junior Wushu Championship Recap

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China dominated the event with 16 gold medals and one bronze! Vietnam surprisingly edged out Russia at the last moment to take second place with a total of 7 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals at the championship. Vietnam’s victory is largely credited to Wushu artist, Pham Anh Yen, who grabbed the final gold medal in the men’s 60kg sanshou (combat) event, sealing Viet Nam’s second place finish at the World Junior Wushu Championship in Malaysia.

Top of Champion’s 2006

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Davide Benetello Stage in Peru

Also sponsored by AkioTamashiro.com
Both sites are in Spanish or Peruvian so sorry we can’t provide more information.

World Amateur Martial Arts Games

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World Amateur Martial Arts Games will be hosted in the Jenny Craig Pavilion on the University of San Diego Campus on Sunday Aug 20, 2006.
The World Amateur Pankration Championships begin at 9:30 AM with Divisions for Kids, Teens and Adults. This event is open to all schools and styles. ISWA Team Submission Wrestling World Cup begins at 3:00 PM with Head to Head Duel match format Team Duels. Olympic Taekwondo and Open Karate available for all ages and levels. Eight of the Elite Teams include Denver’s Grapplers Edge, Camp Pendleton, Urijah Faber’s Ultimate Fitness, Team Titan, Dean Lister’s Fight Team, Bakersfield’s Pain & Suffering, Las Vegas’ Cobra Kai, and Eric Paulson’s Team Archangel
See Promo Video on youTube.

Triple Crown winner at Sarasota Competition

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16 year old c began taking tae kwon do lessons three years ago after she saw the sport on TV. She figured it would be good to learn how to defend herself. Rachael was recently crowned the American Tae Kwon Do Association’s (ATA) Triple Crown Florida State Champion!! The 16-year-old was the points leader in all three competitive forms of tae kwon do — sparring, weapons and form — as she became the first girl from Sarasota to ever win a Triple Crown. This past year, Rachael has earned 33 trophies and medals from 11 different tournaments. She’s traveled as far as Las Vegas for the ATA Spring National Tournament and has also visited Georgia twice. Rachael is currently the top-ranked girl in the state in the 13-16-year-old age division of the ATA.
The best quote from this article though is this: “When I first started tae kwon do, I was afraid to hit people, but with more practice, I learned how to control my power,” Rachael said. “The most unique thing about this sport is being able to discover your potential and your inner strength.” Thanks Rachel for your commitment to excellence!

‘Battle of the Arts’ Results

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From Milford, MA, USA.
This past weekend the Milford Studio of Self Defense held the second annual “Battle of the Arts” competition. The tournament brought martial artists from Massachusetts and New Hampshire together, pitting the Korean art of Hapkido against two Kempo/Kenpo styles. Twenty-four students placed first through third in sparring, forms and self defense techniques. The grand championship went to Rose Kimba after narrowly beating Mark Cabral both of the Milford Studio. Other sponsors for the event included black belt instructors Ron Ortla, of TMI Self Defense Hapkido of Medway, and Laura Lyon’s Shaolin Kempo Karate of Franklin.
Did you attend the “Battle of the Arts” competition? If so write a comment reviewing the event!

2006 US Open

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This Year’s Tournament Will Be Held On June 30th and July 1st , 2006 at The Coronado Springs Resort Ho2006 US Open and ISKA World Martial Arts Championshipstel and Convention Center in Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA. The US Open represents a unique experience to all martial artists. This is a thrilling competition with activities for everyone with inspiring performances and memorable good times. The OPEN will again be telecast worldwide on the ESPN Networks though it appears it will air from 1-2 AM EDT so set your VCR/DVR timer. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the art and sport, the US OPEN aims to be your most exciting and enjoyable event of the year! If you plan on attending please post a comment OR drop us an email.

African karate champs – Gambia returns victorious

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The Gambia returned victorious from the African Karate Championship which was held in Dakar, Senegal, from April 26 to May 1.
The Gambian delegation comprised eight competitors, two officials and a photo-journalist. The team, which was led by the secretary-general of the Sotokan Karate International, Mr Amadou Pa Taal who also doubles as the first black belt holder, returned home with a total of 12 medals, which ranged from silver, bronze to gold.
Sanna Jawara, a member of the team, described the event as a success where Gambia participated successfully. The Gambian team participated in last African karate championship which was also held in Dakar in 1997, and returned home with the special prize for Good Conduct Award.