The Meaning of the Green Belt (6th Kyu)

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This is a repost from January 2006 that someone requested. And since I just had three more students advance in rank I thought I would oblige…

Green BeltGreen is the color of life and growth. The green belt indicates the beginning of your life as a Martial Artist and growth as a person. We live in the present but for the future, and growth is necessary and essential to that journey. Growth stimulates change, which we must accept even though change often causes feelings of insecurity. Growth does not always come easily and is rarely without some discomfort or pain, but the achievements of our previous growth and the memory of those pains should motivate us to work harder. You begin with the Green belt so that you will always be reminded of the importance of this growth that will lead to the perfection of your Self.

Bruce Willis – Honorary Black Belt Recipient

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Bruce Willis


As a huge Bruce Willis Fan I couldn’t resist making up this sign. He may not be a Martial Artist but I think the Martial Arts community should get together and make him an Honorary Black Belt. He is way cooler the Chuck Norris, he can take a beating better then Chuck Norris, he doesn’t stay down and keeps on swinging, he has a better sense of humor then Chuck Norris, he is a better actor then Chuck Norris, pretty sure Bruce Willis has taken out more Bad Guys then Chuck Norris, and well he’s Bruce Willis!!

Bruce we Salute you and wants to present you with the First Honorary Black Belt for your contributions to making being a Guy cool and meaningful. Bruce, please contact us so we can arrange the presentation of your Honorary Black Belt.

The Champion Paradox

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This video clip is from a 2002 interview with Sir Roger Bannister, Doctor and Record setting marathon runner. Sir Roger Bannister was an amazing average guy athlete, he competed because he loved to run. I am posting this interview clip because the meat of what he is saying is rather motivational.


Here is a man who has witnessed and assisted in a transformation of the athletic arena over the past century. Above all though he still holds that in any sporting competition “What you think may happen doesn’t happen”. Ultimately a champion is beaten and a known or an unknown becomes the new champion. This is the Champion’s Paradox.This theme of competition is central to all sports including the Martial Arts. In the Martial Arts you are often competing against yourself to reach new heights or perfect new techniques. In the Martial Arts you are trying to best others not only with your technique but by finding flaws in their techniques. This is unique physical conflict sports like the Martial Arts and adds an additional mental component not as evident in other sports. Thus in order to truly perfect the Martial Arts and become a champion you must perfect the body, mind and spirit to triumph over both the external and internal struggles necessary for success.

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Artist Makes Art One Karate Chop at a Time

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Phil Hansen over at Phil_in_the_circle_dot_com has a unique talent, he is an unconvensional artist who uses unconventional mediums for amazing results. Our obvious favorite is his tribute to Bruce made entirely with karate chops, head butts and spear hands! The results are amazing and you can purchase a print here but to truly appreciate the work you have to see the video of its creation.

Up & Coming Interview Series

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Here is the second Up & Coming Series Interview!! In this interview we meet Leiticia “Tinity” Pestova. This is a woman with an amazing drive and a passion for Life and the Martial Arts. We feel Leiticia has what it takes to succeed in the Martial Arts and plan on doing future Interviews with her as she works through the ranks and competition circuits! Despite her relative national anonymity we think she is someone to watch as a rising star in the Martial Arts. Without further ado let’s meet Leiticia Pestova a.k.a. “Trinity”!
Read the full interview here: Interview.
Interested? Take a moment to find out more about Leiticia by reviewing her Karate Training Gallery. You can also start/join a discussion about Leiticia in our Forum. Let us know if you or someone you know may be a potential Up & Coming Interview Candidate!

Ju Jitsu Master DePasquale

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Here is a video clip of a short demo clip of Master DePasquale demonstrating some Ju Jitsu techniques. Ni Dai Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. is a highly skilled Jujutsu Master who has carried on the tradition of Yoshitsune Waza Jujutsu as well as developing his own Combat Yoshitsune Jujutsu system. He has published Karate International Magazine and is the author of several books on self-defense. He travels extensively, conducting seminars on self-defense with other renowned martial artists.

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Jackie Chan’s secret past

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Many will think Jackie Chan’s reputation is now tarnished but I for one have to give him credit for his honesty and even more so for the accomplishments of his life! Why do I say this? Because Jackie Chan gave an interview which seems more like a movie script, than a real life story, revealing some closely kept secrets about his parents and his past life experiences. The martial-arts star had always thought that he didn’t have any siblings, until one day when his father told him that he has two sisters and two brothers. He revealed that his parents were very poor and both had lost their spouses during a war before they met each other. They fell in love with each other when his mother, who was an opium supplier was caught by his father who was a customs police officer. At the time of the incident his mother had two daughters and his father had two sons.
Jackie Chan also said that Fang Shilong was his real name and his father changed their surname to “Chan” because he didn`t want to reveal their real surname while they were fleeing the poor situation. Chan said he was about 6 years old when his parents went to Australia to earn money. This is when he picked up some bad habits without his parents care, like fighting, selling drugs, racing and theft. “When I was 16, my father said he could not longer instruct me because I had already grown up, but he made me promise him three things: not to enter the underworld, not to take drugs and not to gamble. I promised him even though I was doing those things at that time,” Chan was quoted as saying. Jackie Chan claims he mended his ways after seeing the fate of two of his friends, one who ended up in prison and the other who died. I think given his life work we can believe him!
OSU! Jackie Chan for being honest and forthright.

Up & Coming Interview

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It is here!! The first Interview for the Up a& Coming Series is here!! Our first Interview is with Margaret “JudoGirl”. This is a woman with an amazing drive and a passion for Judo. This may be her first of what we hope will be many Interviews as she works through the ranks and competition circuits! Despite her relative national anonymity we think she is someone to watch as a rising star in the Martial Arts. Without further ado let’s meet Margaret a.k.a. “Judo Girl”! Read the full interview here: Interview.

Interested? Take a moment to find out more about JudoGirl by reviewing here Karate Training Gallery and reading her Forum Posts. Of course you can post comments in each section so please do!

Leiticia “Trinity” Pestova

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So here is a little teaser for you… We have just completed an interview with Leiticia “Trinity” Pestova which will get posted within the week. Leiticia is a very dynamic up & coming Martial Artist who we think will help change the face of the Martial Arts. In advance of the interview Leiticia has posted several photos to our gallery which you can see here. We will announce when the interview posts, right now I have to get back to work on all the site upgrade which is coming along nicely.

Sad News

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Master Barry Collings succumbed to cancer and passed away this past Saturday. Barry was a Guest Blogger who had many great insights into the Martial Arts and life. Barry was the first to admit his fears and fought hard to lengthen his time here. There is much that I did not know about Barry Collings so I feel ill equipt to write a fitting memorial, so I decided to use Barry’s own words mark his passing. Barry had given me permission to use any of his stuff so I am sure he won’t mind this. I found it very touching when I read it but have found new meaning since hearing of his death. He title this piece “Why we fight…

Why we fight” was a Hollywod movie series commissioned by the government in World War II to bolster the spirit of a nation at war. It was played in movie houses all over the country and it helped unite everyone to participate in the war effort anyway they could. It worked very well. WWII is often called “the last good war”. Every citizen felt like he/she had a vital role in fighting the war. As important is if they were carrying a weapon into battle.I’ve never been a soldier at war, in combat. How I feel about that is captured pretty well in Shakespear’s St Crispin’s day speech from HenryV (“…hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks that fought with us…”). I do sometimes hold my manhood cheap while I listen to the vietnam vets that I work with tell their war stories. A country goes to war for it’s reasons. People join the Armed Services for reasons. Soldiers become combat troups (in any given battle only about %10 of troups are in combat, the rest are there to support) for reasons. From everything I’ve ever read and heard (as I said, I’ve never been there myself, but this is the feeling I get) the soldiers that are actually in combat, under fire fight for one reason. They fight because they don’t want to let their friends down. The other memorable line from the St, Crispin’s Day speech is “…we happy few, we band of brothers…”. That’s just what combat soldiers become, a band of brothers and they fight because they don’t want to let their brothers down.

In the mass patriotism of WWII nobody wanted to let anybody else down. In Britain the “stiff upper liBarry Collingsp” came to mean the united grit and unwillingness to be defeated of the average British citizen.
When it comes down to the simplest terms; we fight because we don’t want to let the people we care for and the people that care for us down.
Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we feel so….or feel that we need to act so…..individual…that we forget that we are not in this alone. We have people who are looking to us for hope. We have people to fight for.
Even in these cynical, you’re voted off the island. I’ m in this for me and I don’t care who gets hurt as long as I win, greed driven reality show, it’s only a crime if you get caught (nice role model George W) times in which we live… I (everyone say your name) still fight so that I won’t let the people who care about me down.
Even if the results of the fight are a foregone conclusion, we fight.
This blog entry, just like all the others, is about me.
I’ve written this blog to make up for what I said in the last blog. I may be escaping mentally and emotionally but I can’t escape the inevitability of my situation so I’ll be here for it. As long as there are people who need me to be strong and fight then I’ll fight. To the end. To the last day. With my last breath. I’ll fight.

Greater words I could not have written…Goodbye Barry and may our thoughts and prayers help your family and friends find comfort and peace.