What is a Sensei?

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SenseiBad Sensei

Sen means “before”, Sei means “life, birth, living or lived”. Thus a Sensei is someone who has experienced something before you. He has walked the path you are planning to follow before you, he can tell you what to do. In more general terms, it’s a teacher, normally the head instructor of the Dojo you are attending.

A Sensei should be a person you can take inspiration from, whom you respect but feel comfortable enough turning to in a time of need. A Sensei should not use their students as tools for their egos to prove how superior they are. To the contrary the Sensei should lead their students to discover their strengths and weaknesses so they may grow and florist in the Martial Arts and life.

Find the answers to this and many more questions in the New KarateTraining.org Frequently Asked Questions section!


Depend Upon It…

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Meditation Point #124

Spring has come.
A thousand flowers are in bloom?
for what?
for whom?

– – A ZEN Saying

What a great question upon which to reflect. Many would say for nothing. Would a Zen Master? More importantly, would you? Spring is a glorious time of year, I always wondered why we don’t set our new year resolutions now when there is an air for new beginnings and fresh possibilities. But I digress. Do the flowers bloom for the glory of the hummingbird? If there is such a thing as evolution why would a plant or animal evolve to make itself dependent on another species? Why would the flowers not all learn to self pollinate? Why worry about the Bees and Butterflies? I’ve never heard that questions answered with any satisfaction. Or is it just possible that it makes more sense that things are this way to serve as lessons? Is it possible we are supposed to realize that like so many codependents in nature we are not meant to rely solely upon ourselves? Are we supposed to look closely at nature as an example of our need to depend on things outside our control? Are we supposed to learn to have faith, not worry, that the flowers will come again next Spring? What would a Zen master say? More importantly, what do you say?

The Most Powerful Martial Arts Attack

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This is an awesome video presentation of various styles and Martial Arts strikes and kicks. While they attribute power to specific styles the important thing to note is the power of the specific attacks used since most styles include all of the attacks demonstrated (at least mine does!)

Surprise Attacks

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You never see them coming!


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To Our Readers, Especially Those Who Disagree

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It was mentioned recently that moderating blog comments is seen as censorship. It seems some readers wonder if we will accept their comment, or if I will “Censor” them and therefore choose not to comment!Censoring is Bad


If you could see the amount of SPAM/Junk/Trash that attempts to make it into our comments on a given day you would understand why we need to “moderate” our comments. It seems one way spammers make money is to get their stuff post random “comments” to blogs. These “comments,” which spam programs generate by the billions, often turn out to be ads for online drugs, get-rich-quick scams, links to porn sites, and the like. We detest these type of comments!

It is pretty rare that we wrongly classify a comment but if we do it is not intentional. If your comment doesn’t show up on the blog do not assume that we’ve censored it. We reject very, very few for their content. If you send in a comment and it doesn’t appear within 24 hours (and usually much sooner), give us a second chance — send in another one. If you still don’t see results, drop one of us an e-mail.

Hopefully this puts everyone at ease that we only censor SPAM.

Please remember that since we want this to be a family friendly site we have to be vigilant. The good news is once you have posted a few approved comments your posts are immediately displayed. We still check them to make sure some slimy spammer hasn’t tricked his or her way into the system…but that isn’t you!

So by all means post a comment! Agree with me, disagree with me, take me to task, challenge my logic (I know I leave holes some times!), argue with other commentor’s posts, tell me you love me, but don’t spam me! Honestly all comments are welcome because it motivates me and helps me to know what you want to hear…

See you in the comments…

An Incredible Interpretation

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This is an incredible interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance by comedian Red Skelton.

Not what you thought was it? I want to memorize this speech…

A Quick Reaction

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Bear Hug - grab from the rear Defense

This is a great move that is easy to learn.

Just secure the opponents arms to your chest and twist to one side while bending slightly forward. πŸ™‚

Political Personal Responsibility

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For the first time in my adult life I publicly endorsed a candidate, Fred Thompson. Well it is now old news that he withdrew his bid for President. From my perspective this was a sad day for Conservative, Federalists who want to preserve our country and stop the march to Socialism and Communism. That one sentence probably alienated 90% of my visitors but so be it. The point is that in the process of reflecting on why my candidate falter, I had an epiphany. Regardless of the candidate we elect to any given office, WE are responsible.Β  Personal ResponsibilityI say this because myself and others who support(ed) Fred Thompson felt hope was lost when he stepped down. Our choices are standard politicians (on both sides) that stand on long records of lying and pandering to every special interest group. The very people our fore fathers fought to overcome have taken over the system they created!

What does this have to do with personal responsibility? In thinking this over it hit me that we do not need Fred Thompson, we need, ‘We the People‘. Regardless of who is elected locally or Federally we the people have the power to make sure they do their jobs and follow the law. The problem is it is hard, very hard. But if I am going to be part of the solution then I need to take some responsibility. So do you! The responsibility to be willing to spill some tea into the harbor. The responsibility to make sure our laws are followed by all government officials. The responsibility to argue and be involved. These are Conservative ideals. No longer can I remain silent, nor can you, Conservative or Not. To be dramatic, these may very well be the final days of this Republic and I’d hate to think I could have stopped the end if only I had acted. This is a call to action for all Americans who are interested in saving this country from politicians, foreign interests, lawyers and worse. I call you to rally not behind me but behind the American Flag, the Constitution and the ideals of our founding fathers.

Good Luck.

Fear, the Great Demotivator

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Meditation Point #123

Everyone always asks about your goals and motivations. What do you want? Where do you want to be? Very few people will ask what are you afraid of… Mostly because this is an intimate and person question that requires us to expose our weaknesses. But I am asking it now, what are you afraid of?

The reason I am asking this question is simple, fear is usually what motivates us to do things. But the title said demotivator? I don’t understand? Most people operate with underlying fears, spiders, heights, etc. These are not the types of fears that I am talking about. The types of fears I am talking about deal with risk and in some cases danger. Fear can handicap us from taking chances, which is a survival thing so not all bad. But what happens when fear of risks become an obstical to our goals? Some people simply pick new goals. Often they don’t realize that is why they changed their goals, who wants to admit they took the safety? No, people rationalize they are good rational reasons for “changing” our goals! But is that living? I am not sure. Being a Father I find that my decision process has changed greatly, there are so many new variable to consider. It’s not just me anymore. But that doesn’t mean fear needs to rule. The hard part is telling good judgment from fear.

FearFear becomes a demotivator when we stop taking chances or always look to take the safest path. It makes us predictable and limits our growth. The real problem occurs when we fall into a pattern where we would rather choose inaction (failure) then to risk anything. We enter into a falling pattern of failing. This is the danger that isn’t written or talked about often enough. Why do we do these things? More times then not we allow our fears surrounding personal security to rule us. This isn’t always a bad thing as it often keeps us from being homeless! But reasonableness dictates that we need to take risks occasionally. Otherwise we would never change jobs, homes, make an investment or make a large purchase.

The two greatest facilitators of our fears are the word’s Can’t and Don’t Know. When we say we can’t do something what we are really saying is, I quit. The truth is 90% of the time we just aren’t trying hard enough. Children seem to fall prey to this one very often, unfortunately adults do not properly correct this when they can. Adults are more adept at avoiding things they feel they can’t do. Adults like to say they don’t understand or even better to transfer their fear onto other with blame.

Just because things aren’t clear to us doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned were in situations where I didn’t understand what I was learning. In the Martial Arts I see this very often in students; they get frustrated in their training or with their instructor and all to often they quit. They do not want to continue without understanding the lesson, so they choose failure and quit.

Other then talking about this problem and attempting to educate people I am not sure how we correct it. I do know that in our fast reward society where everything should come quickly and easily it is easy to camouflage our fears so we do not have to deal with them. Anything worth attaining takes hard work and time; anything worth knowing isn’t simple to comprehend. The most important thing to realize is if we do not face our fears then we will never grow towards perfection. Are you ready to face your fears?

I will ask again, what are you afraid of? And if you dare how do you avoid your fears?

Grasp it more loosely

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Meditation Point #122

How shall I grasp it?
Do not grasp it.
That which remains when there is no more grasping is the Self.

Think of water here, or Love. Most things in life can not be forced like grasping water or making another love you. Grasping WaterMatter of fact the best things in life come naturally when we do not expect them. Relax. Our desire to grasp things and force them is our desire to control that which is outside of ourselves. Even if you are successful, your success is an illusion. The only thing we can ever hope to control is ourselves. Even here we cannot control everything about ourselves because so much is controlled by the environment around us. But we can control our reaction to that controlling environment.

The lessons of Life and the Martial Arts share much in common. In both we strive to achieve perfection (hopefully). In both we work very hard to achieve success. In both we must learn that which we can control and that which we cannot. But perhaps the most important lesson they both share is that in relaxing, trusting, breathing and not grasping for our goals can we hasten our path to their achievement.

Success is a relative thing and most forget this lesson. To some success is a big house with long list of material things that often sadly includes a spouse and children. To other success is finding their next meal. So keep things in perspective and realize things could always be worse, then relax and enjoy the moment before it is gone. You will find that life comes more easily to you since you will expend so little energy on worrying about and grasping that which you cannot control. Perhaps it is easier because you will be living life instead of attempting to control it.