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Sensei Post in Identity Theft

This is shocking news! Scam artists are flocking to, stop the press! It is amazing, that it is amazing to people that con-people, scam artists, thefts, perverts and other unsavory types are drawn to a large group of people, better known in to them as a target rich environment! MySpace currently claims 63 million users, making it the second most visited domain behind Yahoo. What is interesting about this story is their use of the technology. These scammers (criminals) are luring some users to fake MySpace sites that capture their user name and password. Now these same users are silly enough to use the same user name and password they use on their corporate networks and accounts…yes you read right…if you are realizing you do this, please stop! One very legitimate concern on a site like MySpace is the ability of scammers to put links to nasties that unleash viruses, worms and Trojan horses. In addition, there are now phishing attacks from people posting links to false sites set up by online criminals using MySpace as the conduit. While MySpace isn’t inherently bad you still need to be careful. And all kidding aside…be careful out there…

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