Up & Coming Martial Artists

Sensei Post in Site_News

The Interviews have begun! Yes we have started Interviewing some of Martial Artists that could be tomorrow’s Stars. As we previously announced we are making Gallery space available to each rising star so you can see them too! Well Judo Girl has uploaded several pictures to her gallery space in anticipation of our Interview. Before we start her Interview we wanted to open the floor to you our readers to see what questions you would like us to ask. So post a comment or email us your questions and we’ll make sure they get asked now or as a follow up.
If you know or think you are an Up & Coming Martial Artists drop us a comment or note and tell us, we’ll be more then happy to take it from there. If you want to perform an Interview we will be happy to post it as well and give you full credit. Coming Soon! – “Personal Profiles”…read more about them soon.

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