Georgia Agency Warns of Identity Theft

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Asif Siddiqui

The state of Georgia is sending letters to 465,000 drivers and state employees, warning that they may be at risk for identity theft. While there is no evidence that anyone’s been defrauded, a computer programmer and former state employee Asif Siddiqui is accused of downloading drivers’ license records and state employee health benefit records onto his home computer. Asif use to work on these system, was no longer assigned to them but was discovered to still be accessing them. Mark Reardon of the Georgia Technology Authority says the person who was accessing the Technology Authority computers at the Twin Towers office building in downtown Atlanta downloaded information from database that are three years old, including social security numbers, dates of birth and mailing addresses from 2002. The Georgia Technology Authority has set up a special section on its website for possible victims of ID theft.
If your personal data was accessed, you’ll receive one of the letters from the state advising you to take precautions.
– Monitor your banking and credit accounts, to look for any unauthorized charges.
– Request and review your free, personal credit report.
– Consider placing a “fraud alert” on your credit file, to prevent the creation of new accounts without your permission.
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