Kicking Turnout for new class

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Ashburton,New Zealand
The Ashburton Karate Club exceeded its expectations of 12 new students when 40 showed up to practice! The first beginners’ class was held at the Buffalo Lodge last Tuesday night with participants ranging in age from eight year olds right through to middle aged women. Organizer Christine Ross said, the aim of the beginners class was to bring those involved through to an orange belt, and once participants were ready, there was the option to go on to the main class. The classes then cost $10 per term. Ross said she was excited about the positive feedback she had received for the beginners’ class, and said the initiative was going to be good for the club.
Now this story may not seem to exciting but when a club get 4 times the turn out they expected it turns our heads! We are going to see if we can get a comment from the Ashburton Karate Club to find out more about how they promoted the class and what the attribute the success to.

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