Online Guide to Prevent Online Identity Theft

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

BT, a UK communications solutions provider, has released a ten-point guide [PDF] to help prevent Internet users falling victim to online fraud and identity theft. The guide forms part of an Internet security report highlighting growing and future online threats, published in conjunction with Yahoo, the UK government’s Get Safe Online campaign, and the Metropolitan Police. The report found that 62 percent of consumers surveyed thought that online fraud could not happen to them. Over 40 percent said that they were not aware whether they had been victims of online fraud or not. Although only eight percent of those surveyed have been victims of online fraud in the last year, the problem is growing because consumers are unaware of the major new and rapidly growing threat of online identity theft. Consumers seem unaware that the Internet and not their trashcan is the place criminals are now most likely to use to steal personal information. Detective Chief Superintendent Nigel Mawer said, “Online identity theft and fraud are the latest techniques.” The report gives consumers a comprehensive overview of new and emerging online threats and a comprehensive list of where people can go to report cybercrimes.

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