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Sensei Post in Identity Theft

The criminals must be shaking in their boots. The Federal Trade Commission is going to hold hearings on identity theft THIS FALL! The hearings will focus on emerging technologies being exploited by Internet spies and identity thieves. The FTC last held similar hearings in 1995, when the technology to create now familiar problems such as spyware and spam was still in its infancy. “It is time to look ahead and examine the next generation of issues to emerge in our high-tech global marketplace…Ten years is an eternity for technology,” FTC Chairperson Deborah Platt Majoras said. The new hearings would include issues such as spyware, spam, radio frequency identification, and identity theft. Todd Davis, chief executive officer of LifeLock Inc., an identity theft prevention company, said the government had some catching up to do. “The thieves have advanced with the technology and we have not,” Davis said. Majoras said the hearings would take place sometime this fall, and would include business, technology, academic, and law enforcement experts. I’m glad to see they have a firm date in mind! The cogs of government never stop amazing me! [ Source ]

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