ALERT! PayPal Password-Stealing Trojan Circulating

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

PayPal password-stealing Trojan mass mailed. Several million copies of a password-stealing Trojan horse were spammed to Internet users late last week, a security company said Monday. UK-based BlackSpider Technologies said that it had already intercepted more than 3.2 million messages with an attached Trojan, and claimed that it took 52 hours for the first anti-virus vendor to issue a signature that detected and deleted the malware. Clagger.h, as Sophos dubbed it (Symantec named it “PWSteal.Tarno.s”), comes with the subject head of “Notification: Your Account Temporally Limited,” and targets PayPal users. The associated e-mail claims that PayPal has detected unusual activity on the recipient’s PayPal account. If the user opens the attached file, Clagger.h silently installs. Not only does Clagger.h set a backdoor so the attacker can later add more malicious code to the PC, but it lurks in the background and nabs usernames and passwords from any window or Web page with text strings. Astute users will be waved off by a misspelling in the spam’s subject heading. In the message, the word “Temporarily” is misspelled as “Temporally.”

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