Self-Defense = Don’t Click on that Link!!

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Once again hackers are at it (actually they never stopped!). The security company FaceTime reported on March 17th that bots or hacked PCs are being used to harvest data stored in shopping carts (such as identity information, addresses, secret questions, credit card numbers). While not really anything new, this bot is called “the Carder” targets specific e-commerce shopping cart applications which contain vulnerabilities. Though it’s impossible to know exactly what shopping cart vulnerabilities are under attack since Carder is so customizable. The hacker’s gain control of people computers by tricking them into clicking on links sent to them via IM (Instant Messenger), email or posted on malicious or couterfeit web sites. FaceTime reports the current attack is being carried out by a botnet (group of hacked PCs) that control roughly 150,000 compromised computers! Source

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