Mother of All Sins

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We are very pleased to introduce Michelle Phan A.K.A. Ninja Assassin as a guest blogger. We will be featuring some of Michelle’s writing here and hopefully some more of her artwork!!

Reflected Whispers by Michelle Phan It is the Mother of all sins because it was the first sin committed; the sin of Lucifer. ‘Twas the root of the Original Sin committed by Adam and Eve. The summit of self-love and the interference with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God is the reason why it is the greastest sin of all. The sin most despised by God, and the one He punishes most severely: Pride, or vanity, is the excessive belief in one’s own worth.

There is pride in all of us, in that we are all too proud of something. People suffer as a result of pride. Unresolved are global issues like hunger and poverty, because men are endlessly pursuing glory and conquest; endlessly pursuing to become greater than other men.

Is it one’s income, talent, class or beauty that judges a person’s worth? We may have different attributes and talents, but when it comes to God, He will not judge you by your income or talent or beauty or class. The most extravagant women and men will leave this world as do the most hurting. We all leave this world without a dime, judging is irrelevant. Nothing matters, ultimately, but the purity that is the soul.

Pride can cloud your beliefs and judgements. Embrace the world in a different perspective, do not let pride deprive you of wisdom. Set it aside and cure yourself of stubbornness and envy; open your eyes to the perspectives of those around you, then much will be resolved.

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