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So I’ve been working on this site now for about a year which is hard to believe! When I first started I signed up for a Google AdSense account since it seemed to be the best way to make money on the web. Within a few months I had earned about $5.00 which given I was starting out seemed pretty good. Then I got a note from Google canceling my account for illegal click activity! You can imagine my surprise since I was careful never to click any of the links myself. So I appealed the action and they reversed it after some discussion and I was back in business! Then a month later they canceled it again even though I had only made about an additional dollar!! The reason given: my account had been associated with previous illegal click activity!! I attempted another appeal but got no response, so I forgot about Google. A few months later I found out that many people encounter the same problem with Google and are powerless to correct or even find out what the basis for the charges are!!
So I am trying a new ad service to see if I can help pay the bills associated with running this site! The service is AdBrite and so far I am very pleased with them. They have a nice interface and are very easy to setup. So if you have a chance visit some of the ads on the side panel or even better purchase an ad to promote your next event or product! If you have a web site then why don’t you check out…. Yes this was a shameless plug!

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