Exploiting Holiday Charity

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Phishing site offers ‘job’ at children’s charity but is really a money laundering scam. A Website that purports to help underprivileged children is actually a scam to dupe users into laundering money, a security company has warned. A mass email detected by PandaLabs offers jobs at a supposed organization committed to helping deprived children, but is actually a strategy to find unwary people to launder stolen money. The emails have subjects like ‘Best Job No Experience Needed’, while the message body offers a well-paid job working only a few hours a day for the bogus organization. If a user contacts the fraudsters through the site they receive more details about the job. However, the operators also request money to be wired to a bank account. Panda recommends all users to delete any messages of this type that reach their inboxes and not to provide any personal details that could be used for criminal activities.
As always please confirm who you are dealing with before sending them your money!

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