MySpace Video Spreads Adware

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

In case you use the site MySpace let this be a reminder warning to you, no matter what site you are using think twice before accepting any popup requests to install any type of software! Several MySpace pages offer what appear to be YouTube videos that trigger installation of adware when played. There is no way of figuring out which videos are good or bad, they look like YouTube videos, however they are in fact hosted on a copycat “” Website. That Website,, was still online as of Tuesday evening. When users click on the video, they are directed to a copy of the video. People are then redirected to the Windows Media Player, which will pop up a license agreement with installation of an adware program called Zango Cash. Assuming that users have accepted the agreement, the video downloads and attempts to install setup.exe from Zango Cash. You’ve been warned!

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