Are you Mr. or Mrs. Deeds?

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operibus anteire
leading the way with deeds” To speak with actions instead of words. This seems to occur less and less these days. Every day I interact with many different people in diverse situations. People seem afraid to act or to self-absorbed I am not sure there is a difference. It amazes me how many people have no beliefs. What do beliefs have to do with taking action? EVERYTHING! We act based on what we believe. If you believe you will get in trouble you are less likely to act. I admire those that lead through action, even if I don’t always agree with them. Unfortunately there are few I admire. A woman I know recently gained my admiration. She stood up for herself when it was less then comfortable to do so. She was physically harassed. At first she did nothing because I believe she was in shock…not uncommon… But after a few days she confronted the aggressor, told him how his actions made her felt and…this was her mistake…thought he would apologize! She expected the apology because she could not comprehend someone reacting any other way when confronted with some trespass they may not had been aware of…mistake two. She did not get the apology however she no longer has any problems from this person. I believe she feels better about herself too. Action! Yes this is a minor form of action, but it is better then crawling off into a corner to sulk and whine to those who’ll listen. Keep your thoughts to yourself and act! You might be surprised to see who will follow you…but don’t be surprised to find yourself standing alone either! If you act selflessly not for the attention of others you will triumph regardless of the outcome…at least that is what I believe!!

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