Life Happens…Keep Moving…

Sensei Post in Site_News

Well it has been a while and for that I am sorry. Hopefully this will break the cycle and I’ll be posting regularly again…we’ll see. I haven’t written because, well life happens. This year has been going full speed and I hit critical mass around the beginning of May. Things are getting better now though I still have a huge amount on my plate. I am also dealing with a nasty neck/shoulder injury that is impeding my training progress. Guess I will have more time to spend on my lower body, eh?!
I plan on resuming with regular development and expansion of the site so by the end of the summer we will hopefully have more features and services to offer everyone. We are also busy developing a new Dojo Management System that we are hoping to debut towards the end of this year, though there are a lot of variables in that estimate! As always thank you for your support and suggestions, please keep them coming!!

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