Cracking down on ID Theft

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Federal Agents conducted the second raid this year on Wednesday, August 22, at Smithfield Foods’ pork slaughterhouse in Bladen, NC. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson, Richard Rocha, reported that Twenty-eight people stand accused of entering the country illegally and committing identity theft. Twenty-five were from Mexico, two were from Guatemala and one from Honduras. Rocha said that the arrests were the result of an investigation and that the suspects were targeted, not part of a random sweep of illegal immigrants.

We need to see more of these stories if the government is really going to have an impact on Identity Theft in this country. It is a well known fact in the intelligence community that most identity theft goes to support illegal immigrants and labor. While illegal immigration is a politically charged topic for some people “we the people” must be realistic about the problem. Many feel illegal immigration is o.k. because they are doing the work “we don’t want to do”. Of course this is ridiculous because there isn’t any job I wouldn’t do to support my family. The real problem is these supporters are hypocrites because they are really supporting people being paid less then a minimum wage meaning these illegals either have to work inhuman hours or they need to turn to crime to survive. Enter Identity theft, this allows these illegals to fleece our bank accounts, our credit, and our government benefit system. The Federal Government needs to do more then a few raids that net a few criminals. We the People need to support Legal immigration into this country by people who want to be part of this country. The work will get done legally if employers don’t have access to cheap illegal labor.


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