Pessimist or Optimist?

ktadmin Post in A Zen Thing

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

So which are you? Every day we all have to decide, how are we going to deal with the world today? Will we strive for our best? Or will we let life run us over? The one (and almost only) thing we can control in our lives is how we react. As Martial Artists we strive to maintain control but ultimately it is self-control we must perfect. If we wish our lives to change for the better we need to stop dwelling on our failures and complaints. Let’s face it, they are all in the past so there isn’t anything you can do to change what happened. This isn’t said to absolve you of your failures but to remind you that in life, we fall down so we can learn to get up. I think Alfred in Batman Begins said that. We need to be more like children in that way, fall down, get up, keep on playing. Live in the moment and you will conserve a lot of energy.  Energy you can spend in the present to build a better future.

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