Feline SWAT Stops Terror Threat

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Ever ready, this Feline SWAT team (CswAT) will not be taken off guard by the possible Kitty CATastrophe these little Nips could plan.  This picture was captured during a recent Feline Terror Drill…

Feline SWAT

Major Pusinboots was quoted as saying, “The feline foes that threaten our daily lives are natural born predators. These creatures show no mercy when they attack and you can never tell when an attack will happen. To insure the safety of our citizens. The CswAT program is jointly funded with the highly successful K-9 socialization program under a 8.5 billion dollar grant from the DHS“. Major Pusinboots later apologized for his comments as they were offensive to the feline community. The Major said his remarks were taken out of context and that his department does not practice feline profiling but that the program was geared to make the community more sensitive to the needs of all peace-loving felines.

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