Self-Defense is a Posture

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Once again I find myself reading a story about the subtle aggressions of China towards the America. As reported here China has penetrated key U.S. databases. This was reported by the highly reputable SANS Institute. They detail an aggressive, non-stop campaign by China to penetrate key government and industry databases in the United States already has succeeded and the United States urgently needs to monitor all internet traffic to critical government and private-sector networks “to find the enemy within”. The SANS Institute’s director of research is quoted as saying that empirical evidence analyzed by researchers leaves little doubt that the Chinese government has mounted a non-stop, well-financed attack to breach key national security and industry databases, adding that it is likely that this effort is making use of personnel provided by China’s People’s Liberation Army. The “smoking guns” pointing to a government-directed effort are keystroke logs of the attacks, which have been devoid of errors usually found in amateur hack attacks, the use of spear phishing to gain entry into computer networks, and the massively repetitive nature of the assault, the SANS research director said. SANS earlier this week placed espionage from China and other nations near the top of its annual list of cybersecurity menaces, reporting that targeted spear phishing is the weapon of choice used in the assault on U.S. databases and those of its allies.

The question here is what are we doing in response to this shot across our bow? Largely nothing. Yes there are those that quickly say our government is to strong and insist that they are doing something we don’t know about. Rubbish. The days of America as a super power have ended because ‘we the people’ traded our desire for freedom in for selfish en devours. What does that mean!? Yes I read minds… It means that as the only successful Republic and truly free country in the history of the world we have a responsibility to defend that freedom. I do not advocate war any more then I advocate fighting. Experience and history teaches that war and fighting are often avoided if you have the spin to stand up early and call out those in the wrong. Our fate with China was sealed when MacArthur was stopped from invading and defeating communism during the Korean Conflict. All for personal fears of an insecure President afraid of another fictitious Presidential aspirations. Doing what is right is hard…always because it calls for personal sacrifice. I have been watching and warning people about the Chinese threat for over almost 20 years, I am use to being laughed at. It is my hope that I am the fool but increasingly current events prove me correct.

What happens when you wait to long to do the right thing and stand up for what it right? You have little ground to stand on. What happens when you sell all of your interests and production to your enemy? Yes, Enemy because by definition Communism can never be friend of a free Republic, something we seem to have forgotten. Sad really, so many good Americans have lost their lives to fight for freedom only to have later generations give it away. Perhaps we got tired of fighting, understandable but inexcusable. For my part All I can do is to raise awareness so that ‘we the people’ will raise our voices and demand a stronger posture when dealing with any type of aggression from our enemies.

Self-Defense is not a reaction it is a posture.  This is a lesson for Countries and Men.

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